Best Google Pixel Phone Cases and Covers

With the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, many Android lovers make a beeline for the two smartphones. But in a hurry to shop the phone, they should not forget about the protection of this expensive phone. Smart is the user who thinks of protection before purchasing a pricey piece.

This list of Google Pixel cases eases your worry of choosing a case for Google Pixel. We have presented the best protective cases for Google Pixel phone. Pick up any case from the list and you won’t feel regret your decision.

The collection is potpourri of google pixel bumper cases and google pixel clear cases made of soft TPU material and hard polycarbonate. Every case has single purpose of protecting your high-quality phone.

Best Cases for Google Pixel Phone

1. Spigen

Spigen Google Pixel Case

When a leading brand of smartphone accessories brings something, you can expect no less than the best. Spigen’s Google Pixel case is made of sleek accents and carbon fibre textures. A completely fresh look is imparted with flexible TPU of the case, which boasts spider-web pattern inside and raised lips to protect screen. Appreciate its air cushion technology that provides protection against shock. For quick response, the case is equipped with tactile buttons, which can be pressed easily.

Price: £13.99
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Price: $19.99
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2. VRS Design

VRS Design Google Pixel Case

VRS Design presents a protective case for your Google Pixel phone. Though it looks slim, it is a high pro shield dual layered bumper case that protects your phone. Its brushed metal design exudes great looks. For comprehensive protection of your phone, VRS Design brings a military grade certified case that resists scratches and touches. For better viewing of visual contents, there is a metal kickstand fitted on the back of this case. Enjoy reading eBooks on your Google Pixel smartphone.

Price: $15.99
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3. LK

LK Google Pixel Case

Your digital life is in a perfect grip. This soothing case for your Google Pixel gives you unflinching grip while you are walking through crowded places. The ultra thin case creates a feeling of nothingness in your hands; this makes you more cautious of your prized possession. Scratch resistant TPU provides a strong protection against daily wear and tear. If you are a real go-getter, you should pick up this Google Pixel case for your smartphone.

Price: $29.99
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4. Tauri

Tauri Google Pixel Case

Tauri has taken a completely new take on case design. Its interior design is a dotted texture, which helps remove air bubbles that can spoil the beauty of your Google Pixel phone. You can’t avoid bumps and shocks as they are part and parcel of your daily life; one thing you can surely do: keep them at bay. This case effortlessly does this job with scratch resistant gel materials. You can easily access all the ports, buttons, and controls of your phone even in dark.

Price: $24.99
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YOUMAKER Google Pixel Case

YOUMAKER added a new angle; and this angle rotates because it is a belt clip that creates all the difference in this Google Pixel case. Its dual layer structure fights the odds like shocks, bumps, and scratches. When the soft TPU is combined with polycarbonate, you can expect comprehensive protection for your precious piece. To save battery, you can easily put your phone face down and never worry about the touch screen of your phone. The raised lips of the case keep a safe distance between the screen and the surface. For frequent travellers, this belt clip holster is the best companion.

Price: $14.99
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6. Sparin

SPARIN Google Pixel Case

Sparin has put extra cushion at the corners of the case to protect your phone from accidental drops. Its water-like transparency displays the real beauty and colors of your Google Pixel phone. Since it is a clear case, dirt and dust will settle on it. But no worries as you can wash the case and reuse it on your phone. The case will not lose its flexibility and shape. Check out the air cushion that provides extra protection to your phone. The case is made of polymer nano-materials and therefore, it doesn’t give you nasty odour and stops pollution.

Price: $7.81
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7. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel Case

MicroP brings a bumper case for your Google Pixel smartphone. If you think that slim profile fails to protect phones, this case will change your belief. The case is a perfect blend of strength and style; it protects your phone against all possible hazards and still retails its beauty and smooth touch feeling. You would love to carry your phone all along. Its non-toxic TPU makes you guilt-free and you would arrogantly flaunt this silky smooth and ultra thin case.

Price: $7.89
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8. Vinve

Vinve Google Pixel Case

No matter how fast you walk or run, Vinve’s Google Pixel case is there to protect your phone against scratches and shocks. This silicone skin cover looks quite gentle from outside and inside it is naughty flexible and durable material. A non-toxic TPU material gives you a touch of great comfort in hands. The slim profile of this case doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone; you can easily slip your phone into your pockets.

Price: $7.81
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9. Pleson

Pleson Google Pixel Case

When others take your latest Google Pixel in their hands, you should not worry about their fingerprints, stains or smudges. Pleson case is there to deal with all such evils with its special dotted texture design, which is anti-watermark, anti-fingerprint and stops bubbles on the back of your phone. Your phone never slips off your hands as the case boasts a sturdy TPU that offers perfect grip. All four corners are defended against any possible damage; the rear guard keeps a safe distance between the phone and the surface.

Price: $29.99
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OMOTON Google Pixel Case

OMOTON presents a flexible Google Pixel case that can be installed and removed easily. You can take out the case and wipe it out and then reinstall the case easily. During a busy day, you are likely to lose the balance, resulting in your phone’s accidental drop. To protect the phone against such uncalled-for damage, OMOTON made a case with soft TPU interior to absorb shock. And its removable and robust polycarbonate exterior provides security from scratches. Appreciate OMOTON’s air cushion technology and covered corners that safeguard your Google Pixel from bumps. Its raised edges protect the screen.

Price: $7.99
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11. Orzly

Orzly Google Pixel Case

This 100% clear case boasts black rim as this creates an eye-catching contrast. It is so transparent that only you know that you have installed a case on your Google Pixel; the onlookers will never realize that your phone is protected by a beautiful case. The case is made by combining durable and elastic bumper for ultimate grip and security. The raised rim protects the touch screen from being scratched by surface (if you put the phone face down). The raised buttons on the case allow you operate volume buttons easily.

Price: $24.99
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12. NZND

NZND Google Pixel Case

NZND’s Google Pixel case is the cheapest in the list; but it is no less effective than its costlier colleagues here. A slim profile is infused with UV coating and 360-degree shock absorption. Its cut-outs are perfectly crafted to give full and hassle-free access to all functions of phone. You don’t need to remove the case when you wish to charge up your phone’s battery; similarly, insert headphones when the phone is protected in the case. This lightweight case protects your valuable investment – Google Pixel.

Price: $19.99
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Protection and style are blended to create a product that safeguards your Google Pixel. Moreover, it adds to your style quotient. Check out a range of cases crafted with an unparalleled finesse. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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