Best Google Pixel XL Cases

Google in its press event to be held in San Francisco is to launch two new Pixel smartphones: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. So for the next few days, digital arena will be buzzing with the two phones. For a diehard Android fan, the phones are no less than gifts from the Almighty. Moreover, Google’s smartphones offer the best Android experience to users, and therefore, they are the first choice of Android developers.

It is quite obvious now that common users as well as developers are keenly waiting for Google Pixel XL. But before you buy this smartphone, you should think of its safety. And for safety, we have brought to you a list of Google Pixel XL Protective cases.

This collection is a result of precisely chosen cases made by leading brands. You will find kickstand case, wallet case, bumper case, clear case, and transparent case in this beautiful assortment.

Best Google Pixel XL Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Pixel XL Case

Spigen Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen is known for manufacturing soft, thin and lightweight cases for smartphones. This Google Pixel XL case is no exception as it offers clear TPU for better durability and flexible performance. Check the raised lips that protect your phone’s screen; similarly, camera cut-out gives full protection to phone’s lens. Ordinary cases cannot prevent bubble smudges on the back; thanks to Spigen’s inner dot pattern, you need not worry about bubble smudges. Gently press the covered buttons to use volume controls and other functions on Google Pixel XL.

Price: £11.99 [£7.99 while writing this on]
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Price: $14.99 [$13.99 while writing this on]
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2. VRS Design

VRS Design Google Pixel Case

Minimalism is a new wave in design that has captured all users who have developed discerning tastes in technology and arts. Minimalism promotes the idea of giving only the essential, and leaving the rest aside. A closer look at this Google Pixel XL case reveals that VRS Design has installed the things that are essential for the protection and aesthetics of your phone. A kickstand never looks an extra feature in this case; it is highly practical tool for any pro-user, who loves to read and watch contents on his/her smartphone. A brushed metal design creates an impressive looks of your phone.

Price: $15.99
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3. Orzly

Orzly Google Pixel XL Case

Bulk is bad, whether it is around your tummy or on your Google Pixel XL. Orzly AirFrame case is slim-fit and lightweight that ensures minimum bulk and maximum protection for your smartphone. Change the outer polycarbonate frame as it is available in different colours; apart from adding style quotient, this frame provides an extra layer of protection.

Price: $19.99 [$9.99 while writing this on]
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4. Tauri

Tauri Google Pixel XL Case

Tauri has designed this case exclusively for Google Pixel XL with textured interior to protect phone’s form and color. The case easily stops air bubbles from forming at the back of your smartphone. Infused with shock absorbing and scratch resistant gel, this case provides superior protection to your phone against accidental drops, bumps and scrapes. The slim profile is mixed with lightweight construction to give minimum bulk; at the same time, you can feel strong grip and gentle feel in your hands. You can wash this case with water as the case is made more flexible and durable with a special gel material.

Price: $24.99 [$7.89 while writing this on]
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5. KuGi

KuGi Google Pixel XL Case

Give your Google Pixel XL beautiful looks with this good-looking KuGi case. Made of superior quality TPU material, the case provides better protection and soft touch feeling. The design of this case offers complete protection from all sides and corners. But this doesn’t hamper you from accessing your phone’s headphone jack, speakerphone and other controls. You can easily install this case on your Google Pixel XL and it will snug fit on the phone. Display your phone’s real beauty with this scratch-resistant case.

Price: $7.95
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6. Sparin

SPARIN Google Pixel XL Case

Sparin offers environmental friendly case, which is made of soft TPU material. The transparent, clear case is stylishly designed on a 1.5mm thick sheet. Flaunt the real beauty and color of your Google Pixel XL. You can comfortably twist the case to install it on your phone as the case is made of flexible material. You don’t need any tool to mount the case on your phone. Sparin’s cases are popular for their slim profile, and this one is no exception. Give your phone all-round protection and enjoy full access to all features on phone.

Price: $7.99
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7. LK

LK Google Pixel XL Case

For fashion-conscious smartphone users, LK brings this luxurious phone case made of PU leather. Apart from adding a touch of affluence, this wallet case offers great functionality. Users can store up to 3 cards in the card slots and some cash in money pocket. TPU skin shell provides protection to the corners of your smartphone; if you drop your phone suddenly, the shock-absorbent material can endure the external shock. Its magnetic closure will hold the wallet securely closed to safeguard your phone, credit cards, and cash. High quality stitches and PU leather can bear daily wear and tear. For your entertainment, the case can be converted into a kickstand to watch movies, videos, photos and other content.

Price: $39.99 [$9.99 while writing this on]
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OMOTON Google Pixel XL Case

Your fast-paced life gives you little time to think of the protection of your Pixel XL. OMOTON has taken the responsibility, and offered this case which is made of soft TPU and durable PC. Both materials have shared their responsibilities; while TPU stays inside the case to thwart shocks, polycarbonate ensures that your phone is protected against external scratches. If you are in the habit of putting your phone face down, you should not worry about the touch screen of phone. The case has raised edges to keep the screen above the flat surface. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer gives you piece of mind.

Price: $7.99
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9. NageBee

NageBee Google Pixel XL Case

NageBee presents a multi-functional case for Google Pixel XL. This case can work as kickstand case and belt clip case also. Its inner enclosure shell is made from shock-resistant polycarbonate and it is reinforced with shock-absorbing silicone inner sleeve. To give extra protection to your phone’s corners, the case boasts double-thick silicone at corners. The belt clip rotates at 180 degrees and provides you a comfortable viewing angle.

Price: $8.98
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10. Pleson

Pleson Google Pixel XL Case

Your professional life gives you little time to take care of your Google Pixel XL. And therefore Pleson gives you a solution to protect your precious phone. During a busy day, you interact with a lot of people on phone; a protective case has to offer an ease of access so that you can quickly reach all the ports, sensors, buttons, and controls. Pleson has crafted this case from lightweight TPU, which is flexible and durable. Once you are satisfied with the strength of this case, explore its stylish feature. The ultra clear case is slim and transparent to give you crystal clear protection. Experience minimum bulk and display the original design and profile of your phone.

Price: $29.99 [$7.95 while writing this on]
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11. CoverON

CoverON Google Pixel XL Case

To absorb shock, this case is made of partly hard and partly soft thermoplastic polyurethane TPU rubber. In our everyday life, it is difficult to scrape through professional challenges. In the rush hour of the day, you need to protect your smartphone lest it gets damaged by chance. Thankfully, CoverON is there to help you protect your Pixel XL phone in a secure and snug fashion. Its extremely slim and lightweight profile gives you great comfort; raised bezel stops the touch screen from touching the flat surface. On top of this, you get 90-day warranty from CoverON.

Price: $14.99 [$7.99 while writing this on]
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12. iBeek

iBeek Google Pixel XL Case

If you are a parent of naughty kids, who like to play with your tech gadgets, you should seriously think of buying iBeek TPU Bumper & Hard Crystal Clear Back Cover Anti-Scratches Case for your Google Pixel XL. All four sides are protected by shock-absorbing frame made of soft TPU; this means your phone is protected even if it is dropped by your kids. Its raised bezel lifts your phone’s screen and camera off the flat surface. Flaunt the original colors and design of your Google Pixel XL with this highly crystal clear protective case.

Price: $29.99 [$8.99 while writing this on]
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This year, Google has introduced Pixel phones, instead of Nexus series. But for accessories, you can always rely on the good old brands. Check out this set of Google Pixel XL cases and buy the best for your phone. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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