Best LG V20 Screen Protectors to Keep Your Precious Device Safe

LG V20 is among the most talked about buzzwords in the smartphone world these days. So much anticipation has built up around this new device, despite the general public not even having seen the phone’s images properly. The few leaked images on the web have not given many big clues about the phone’s screen other than to suggest a classic flat screen, instead of the in-trend slightly curved styling. This is a good sign as despite the style quotient, putting on good screen protectors is infinitely harder on a ‘curve-ish’ display.

LG V20 will no doubt have one of the most robust screens possibly Gorilla Glass 5, but even then the need for good screen protectors remains paramount. In addition, the leaks from Reddit also suggest that the V20 follows the hallmark of LG’s “V” series by having a second display. In such a case, you definitely require screen protectors to keep your investment safeguarded. Therefore, let us get into an early launch mood by getting to know some possible great screen protectors for LG V20 presently hitting the market.

Best LG V20 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

1) ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Anti-Glare Screen Protector


ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Kit for LG V20 offers you their trademark MilitaryShield screen protection piece, installation guidelines, squeegee, Lint-free cloth, and solution for installation. The anti-glare, matte finish MilitaryShield helps overcome glare and enhance visibility in bright surroundings. The application is easy and the material is flexible enough to cover the screen to the maximum extent including the corners and edges. The material used is scratch-proof, very tough, optically clear, military grade and yellow-resistant. Due to these features, this screen protection can distinctly reduce dust, oil and fingerprint smudges.

Price: $19.95 [$10.83 while writing this on]
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2) ATUS Ultra-Thin Toughened Shatterproof Screen Protector


This ATUS screen for the V20 comprises of two screen protectors which are constructed with accurate cut-outs that sustains all the functionalities on your device. This lets you unfettered access to the microphone, camera, etc. This protector also has Oleophobic coating that is a unique anti-oil coating that helps cleaning fingerprint smudges quite easy. This coating also shields against oil, water and dust accumulating on the surface. The material has a hardness rating of 9H, enabling it to protect against scratches, impacts and breaking. The glass is 0.3mm thin which makes retaining light transmittance for clear display very effective along with keeping the surface anti-reflective with reduced glare.

Price: $7.98
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3) Invisible Defender Perfect Touch Precision HD Protective Clear Film


This screen protector kit provides 4 films, smoothing card, fiber cloth, dust removal sticker and instructions for installation. The films feature high definition clarity which ensures maximum HD display resolution, retains the original clarity and vividness on the screen while also keeping it safe from scratches. It is designed to be case-compatible and is adjustable accordingly while preventing side lifting. The fit shape and size is exact for covering the screen and to protect it. The material exudes premium quality made with clear and non-color altering Japanese PET film.

Price: $18.00 [$6.99 while writing this on]
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4) Supershieldz Anti-Bubble High Definition Clear Shield


This Supershieldz screen protector for LG V20 gives you HD transparency film that enables maximum resolution and clarity. It also provides completely flawless touch screen accuracy with great touch sensitivity for a natural feel experience. The material is of high quality made with Japanese PET along with fully bubble-free adhesive for quick and easy installation. The screen is pre-cut and coated for screen resistance.

Price: $24.99 [$5.48 while writing this on]
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5) DISAGU Mirror screen protector


This screen protector gives you 100% display protection against scratches and nicks. It has a unique reflecting effect when the display is off and transforms into transparent foil when the display is on. The application is very easy and bubble-free. The fit and shape is perfect along with guaranteed edge adhesion.

Price: $14.20
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6) Mikvon 4x Armor Screen Protector


This Mikvon protection for the V20 gives transparent top notch protection for your device’s screen against bumps and scratches. The removal of fingerprints and dust from this protective film is very easy. The surface is highly transparent providing you a vivid and actual representation of the displayed contents. Application and removal of the film is very simple without any bubbles or residues.

Price: $12.05
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7) TechFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector


This TechFilm Screen guard for LG V20 is aptly designed to precisely align and fit its screen. It is made with best quality tempered glass with completely bubble-free adhesives for easy installation. The toughness degree of the film is 9H which signifies super tough robustness to safeguard from scratches and impactful falls. The screen is 99.9% HD clear with hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics for protecting against sweat and oil smudges resulting due to fingerprints.

Price: $29.99 [$6.48 while writing this on]
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Have you come across any other screen protectors for LG V20? If so, do let us know. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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