How to Fix iPhone Activation Errors

iPhone activation errors are rare ones users encounter in their iOS life, but when they face these errors, they undergo hellish pain to fix the issue. If you are one such user, you need to check this information and follow the methods to fix iPhone activation errors.

Users normally face these issues when they activate their iPhones for the first time; or when they restore their devices and activate the phone. Like other man-made things, your iPhone too is likely to experience technical glitch and there is always a solution. We present you a list of solutions to fix iPhone activation errors.

When you face this error, you might wonder why this happened. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind a single error.

Unavailability of Activation Server

There are millions of users who activate iPhone on Activation Server, and this sometimes, slow down the server performance. This scenario is quite common after the launch of iPhone when every new user would try to activate their iPhones.

SIM Card Unsupported

If SIM card doesn’t support your iPhone, it means the SIM card is not made for the device or not compatible with your iPhone. In this case, you need to follow these steps.

Activation Not Completed

Either your iPhone is not acting right or there is an Internet connection issue at your home or office.

In all the above situations, you should follow below-mentioned solutions to fix iPhone activation errors.

After evaluating problems, it is now time to fix the issues.

Check your SIM Card is installed

If you have not installed the SIM card properly in the SIM card tray, you need to check this. Sometimes your mobile company may have stopped the service and this could have triggered the issue. You need to insert the supported SIM card.

Reload the SIM Card

If you fail to load the SIM card in the tray, take it out and reseat the same card properly in the tray. Use the paperclip you have got with the iPhone kit and eject the tray; reseat the SIM card on tray and insert it again.

Sign in with Apple ID

Apple may ask you to sign in with your Apple ID to activate your iPhone. This can protect your iPhone from being restored and used by any other person if the device is stolen.

Apple’s Activation Server is Online

As mentioned above, many users attack Apple’s activation server simultaneously, especially post launch of latest iPhones. Servers cannot handle such a huge load, resulting into slow performance of Activation Servers. At this time, you can check Apple’s System Status to confirm if the activation server is down or not. If it is down, you should try again later.

Wi-Fi Network Connection

Many mobile networks fail to offer continuous network strength, and therefore, you should switch to Wi-Fi network for better connectivity, especially when you are performing important tasks like iPhone activation. Turn on a reliable Wi-Fi network during this process.

Connect to iTunes

In the absence of strong Wi-Fi network, you can also switch to iTunes; i.e. connect your iPhone with iTunes on a trusted computer and activate your iPhone. iTunes’ built-in activation mechanism can reach Apple’s activation servers via internet connection.

Is iTunes Updated?

Before you connect your iPhone with iTunes, you should check that you are using the latest version of iTunes. Some older versions are not compatible with the latest iOS devices.

Restart your iPhone

There are chances that a simple restart action can solve the issue. So go for it and restart your device by pressing Home and Power button simultaneously.

Restore iPhone

You should keep a vigilant eye on the firmware; if it is not updated regularly, it may cause problem. This is the time you should check the latest iOS version in your iPhone. Use Recovery Mode on your iPhone and restore the iPhone.

Seek Support of Mobile Carrier

Sometimes, there can be a manufacturing defect in the SIM card purchased from mobile carrier or maybe the SIM card is damaged. In this case, you should talk to the mobile operators from whom you have bought services. Get your card replaced; this wouldn’t cost you much.

Apple Support

As a last resort, you should contact Apple Support. Keep the invoice/bill with you so that Apple Support believes that you haven’t stolen this current iPhone. A hardware glitch can stop the iPhone activation and this can be fixed only by Apple people. You may get a new iPhone if you fix an appointment with a Genius Bar.

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