How to Install Google’s Pixel Dialer on Other Android Phone

Google’s Pixel phones are performing well on sales charts against the negative predictions of industry experts, who bet high on Nexus series. Now, the Nexus line is discontinued by Google and Pixel phones are getting huge response from all quarters.

This essentially inspires many non-Pixel users to adopt the style and elegance of Pixel phones. And the dialer is the first choice of all Android users, who are mesmerized by Pixel phones’ dialer user interface. It goes without saying that dialer is one thing that users encounter quite a few times in a day, and therefore, its awesomeness creates some positive vibes in your personality.

While designing the user interface of Pixel phones, engineers at Google must have burnt the midnight oil to make it popular among other Android phone users. If you don’t want to buy any Pixel phones as of now, you can emulate this dialer on your Android device. You need to download an APK to make this happen. Follow the method given below and recreate the magic of Pixel phones dialer on your phone.

What you require?

  • Your Android smartphone should be working on 6.0 or later version.
  • Ensure that ‘Unknown Sources’ is enabled.
  • Your Android device should be compatible with Google Phone (Nexus or other high-end phones).

How to Get Google’s New Pixel Dialer on other Android Devices

Step #1: First off, you should download the Google Phone APK on your Android phone. It doesn’t matter here if you are the owner of Nexus phone or any other Android phone.

Step #2: Tap on ‘Download complete’ when the download is finished.

Step #3: Tap ‘Install’ when you asked to do so.

Step #4: Open Settings on your Android device and tap on Apps.

Step #5: Tap on the cog wheel (gear icon) seen on the top right corner of your phone.

Step #6: Next, tap on Phone app.

Step #7: Select Phone when you are asked.

If you are using other Phone apps, you need to ensure that you select the default app which has blue Material Design icon.

Now you are all set to experience Pixel’s new phone app. There is hardly any difference between the main menus of older Google Phone versions and this latest one. However, it is quite interesting to use this new phone app especially when you have to make or receive calls. You will notice a sea-change in the incoming call screen; when a contact calls you, your phone’s home screen wallpaper is overlaid with blue.

You can answer or reject the incoming phone with the caller’s contact photo – just swipe down to reject or swipe up to accept the call. The incoming call interface has been overhauled here; during the conversation with your contact, you will notice your wallpaper and the blue gradient.

For Android developers’ community, Pixel phones are mines to dig in. They can now set their imagination unbridled to think and develop new apps so that other Android phone users can get some benefit.

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    After installing, my Nexus 6p randomly reboots and doesn’t end calls when I want. This is not a good result. How do I restore the original dialer?