How to Turn off Read Receipts Per Person in iOS 10 Messages App on iPhone

Read receipts are confirmation sent to other person that you have read the message sent to you. This honest way of communication is necessary when you are sharing something important on your iPhones. Earlier versions of iOS allowed enabling read receipts option in Messages app; but there was an issue in that it caused uniform effect, i.e. once the read receipt option was toggled on, it was applicable to all contacts, irrespective of senders.

Thankfully, in iOS 10, iPhone users can turn off or turn on read receipts per person. This means you can turn off this option on a select few contacts in your Phone app.

How to Disable/Enable Read Receipts for Individual Contacts

As mentioned above, in earlier iOS versions, users had to disable or enable read receipts for all contacts. To do this (if you are still using or want to use iOS 9 and earlier versions), you need to go to SettingsMessages and then have to toggle ON/OFF Send Read Receipts option.

Now in iOS 10, there is a provision to disable or enable read receipts for individual contacts. Read further…

Step #1: Launch Messages app from the Home screen of your iPhone.

Launch Messages ap

Step #2: Now tap on any conversation thread.

Now tap on any conversation thread

Step #3: Tap on ‘i’ button from the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on ‘i’ button

Step #4: Here, you can see a new option of Send Read Receipts right below the Do Not Disturb option.

Step #5: Next, either you can toggle it ON or OFF. If you want to disable this feature, toggle it OFF; if you wish to enable, toggle it ON.

Toggle OFF Send Read Receipts option.

This is how you can enable or disable read receipts for individual contacts in your Messages app.

After the launch of iOS 10, Messages app has received quite a facelift. I particularly like a couple of features namely adding signature in Messages app; adding events automatically to Calendar app; sending low quality images through iMessage; and sending bubble effects in iMessage.

A brief overview of the above mentioned features wouldn’t be out of place here.

While communicating with not-saved numbers, you can use a feature of adding signature in Messages app. This obviously helps you declare that you are Mr So-and-so. If you want to add signature to Messages app, follow the steps mentioned below.

Events can now automatically scan Mail and Messages on iPhone and iPad to add Events in Calendar app in iOS 10. This new feature can be blessings for those, who are leading a hectic life and have to remember many things in a day.

Sending low quality images via iMessage is a real boon for those who use 3G or 4G mobile data.

And finally, to add some fun, you can send bubble effects in your iMessage in iOS 10. This feature can really spice up your conversation with friends & family.

Many more interesting will come out in iMessage in the latest iOS 10, which is now available for all users. Explore this version as much as you can and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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