How to Find Lost AirPods using iPhone or iPad

Update: Finder for AirPods has been removed from the App Store by Apple. This has put many iPhone and iPad users in tight corner; many users have purchased this app at $3.99. But you should not worry about your money as you can get refund for paid apps from App Store.

There are countless questions from iPhone and iPad users about Apple’s AirPods. This shows the immense popularity of AirPods introduced by Apple along with iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. People have accepted this innovative product, and now they are many concerns regarding AirPods.

Some of the major queries about AirPods have already been solved; for example, users were fumbling with the AirPods to pair AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV; now they can easily do this pairing.

Of late, a new challenge has cropped up for iPhone and iPad users. Absent-minded users easily forget where they have put their pods. Normally, AirPods are meant to be kept in their charging case; and some careful users also keep their AirPods in carrying cases.

Even after taking extreme care, they lose pods; and have to shell out more bucks. But now there is a ray of hope seen in ‘Finder for AirPods’. With the help of this iOS app, you can easily search your lost AirPod in your office or at home. This $3.99 app can save your $70, which you would have to spend to buy a new AirPod.

How to Find Misplaced AirPods on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: First off, you need to download Finder for AirPods on your iOS device.

This app helps you find a misplace pod on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 10.1 or later version.

Step #2: Open this app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #3: On the app, you can see an option to choose which AirPod you want to search. Simply choose the AirPod and tap Next.

If you have lost both your AirPods and wish to find them, tap Next and close the charging case lid.

Step #4: Now you should put the left earphone in your charging case and close the lid of case. Next, tap Get It, Start Finding.

Step #5: Start moving in the direction where you might have lost the pod.

As soon as you go closer to the lost earbud, meter on the app gives you the signal that ‘You are getting closer…’ The moment you get extremely close to the lost earpod, the app tells you ‘It’s around here’.

Step #6: Upon finding your lost AirPod, tap on I Found It.

You are done! To avoid such situation, you should be extra careful with your AirPods. If you don’t find your lost AirPods, there are better alternatives of Apple AirPods.

Find Your lost or Misplaced Airpods Using Finder for AirPods App

If you have a penchant for small earphones or earbuds, you should buy Yikeshu Apple AirPods. I would always advise users to keep both your AirPods connected by AirPods straps.

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