How to Install and Set up Google Allo Chat Messenger App

Finally, Google’s messaging service Allo is available for all. This app stands apart from countless other messaging apps by integrating Google Assistant, which brings along Google’s immense knowledge and artificial intelligence to offer related information whenever needed.

Do you want to use this app – Allo. Follow the information below and install and set up this app on your smartphone.

How to Install Allo

Step #1: Launch Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Step #2: Find Google Allo.

Step #3: Tap on vertical ellipsis in the top right corner next to search results.

Step #4: Tap on Install.

Google Allo is installed on your device. Now go for its set-up.

How to Set up Google Allo

Like WhatsApp, Allo too requires your phone number.

Step #1: Allo will ask you to access your mobile contacts, phone storage and the ability to send and view SMS messages. Provide all the required access.

Step #2: Type in your mobile number.

Step #3: You will receive a verification code; enter this code.

Step #4: Click your picture for profile; you can select a pic from your phone’s gallery.

Step #5: Enter your name and tap on Next.

Step #6: Add your name and hit Next.

Congratulations! Allo is set up on your phone.

Start a chat in Allo

Allo is a mobile-first messaging client and therefore, it depends on contacts you have stored in your phone. You can see names of your contacts at the top if they have also installed Allo. You can invite them to use this wonderful app by sending a link to download and install Allo.

Step #1: Upon launching Allo on your smartphone, you will see a message icon in a circular button at the bottom right corner. Tap on this action button.

Step #2: Now type in name of contact in search box or you can scroll down to choose the contact.

Step #3: Now what! Start chatting with the contact.

How to Start an Incognito Chat

Google stores a record of your conversation. If you don’t like this sneaking of Google, you can start chat in incognito mode. You can create a timer that will delete your chat history; once the timer goes by, the conversation will be removed automatically.

Step #1: Tap on Message action button.

Step #2: Now choose Start incognito chat.

Step #3: Select your contacts or scroll down to find a particular contact from the list.

Step #4: Tap on any contact to start incognito chat.

Step #5: Tap on the timer icon seen at the top right corner of your phone screen and set up chat expiration timer.

Step #6: Now choose the timer duration. Here, you can choose duration from five seconds to a week; or you can disable the feature.

How to Start a Group Chat

Step #1: Tap on Message action button.

Step #2: Tap on Start group chat.

Step #3: Now add contacts to the group.

Step #4: You can give assign group name and select avatar for the group.

Step #5: Finally, employ GoogleAssistant to add some weird but funny stuff in your group chat.

Google’s Allo is just like WhatsApp. You can explore this new app and find the difference between the two apps. After using Allo, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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