How to Set Password and Lock WhatsApp on Android

Until the Google Allo beings to gain ground, WhatsApp enjoys clean superiority. The chat client acquired by Facebook in February 2014, has got stinking fan following as compared to other messenger apps. And this makes it all the more valuable. Earlier, the app was defenceless as anyone could check your WhatsApp chat if your Android phone is not locked with passcode or pattern lock.

If you ask me why anybody should lock a chat client like WhatsApp, where people exchange non-serious contents. To this, may I ask you to stop sharing objectionable content with your friends? Everybody loves to enjoy some me-time during which a little indulgence is granted.

And during the lazy Sunday afternoon, your phone falls in your kids’ hands. Your heartbeat stops when you realize that you haven’t locked the screen of your Android, let alone the WhatsApp.

This is when you realize that WhatsApp should have introduced a feature to lock it. Until the developers at WhatsApp design any such app, you should explore other options. Thankfully, Android developers can make your life easier.

AppLock – Fingerprint comes to your rescue with a host of cool features. Let’s check how this app can protect your WhatsApp on Android phone.

How to Put Password and Lock WhatsApp on Android

Step #1: Download and install AppLock – Fingerprint from Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Install AppLock – Fingerprint App

Step #2: Once the app is installed on the screen, open it.

Step #3: Now enter the passcode with which you can unlock the app.

enter the passcode

Point to Ponder

This app may ask you to enable your Fingerprint if your Android phone features fingerprint sensor and if you have registered your fingerprint impression. You may tap either Yes or No.

Step #4: Now you can add apps one by one; since WhatsApp is on your priority list, add this app first. Simply tap on ‘+’ icon seen at the bottom of your phone screen.

Tap on Plus icon

A list of apps will appear on the phone screen.

Step #5: Next, you need to toggle the switch next to WhatsApp ON, and tap on ‘+’ icon again from the bottom of phone screen.

Toggle the switch next to WhatsApp ON

Point to Ponder

Users with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later version of Android will receive a Notification asking them to grant authorization to make the app functional. Tap on OK.

Tap on OK

Step #6: Head to the app and choose ‘Permit usage access’ and enable access to the app.

Permit usage access

Step #7: Now launch WhatsApp on your Android phone and you need to enter PIN you entered in the step #3 above.

Launch WhatsApp on your Android and Enter Pin

Your WhatsApp is now secured with a passcode that is known only to you. If any intruder wants to tamper with your WhatsApp passcode, the app will capture a photo and send it to your email. You can easily catch the culprit!

Apart from WhatsApp, this app helps you lock many other apps on your Android device. Explore the app and find awesome features; for example, you can stop any user from uninstalling or deleting this app. Moreover, you can also prevent lock service to be killed by Task Manager.

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