How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone [Tutorial]

Apple Watch is designed to work as better half of iPhone. By no means, I want to devalue the role of Apple Watch by labelling it as other half as the watch can do many things on its own. During the Apple event this year, the brand launched second edition of its smartwatch; the first one was released in April 2015.

If you have bought Apple Watch for the first time, you would like to pair it with iPhone; even if you are new to Apple’s ecosystem, this information provides you necessary details to pair Apple Watch with iPhone. For those who have got old watch and new iPhone, they need to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus again.

For now, we believe that you have got a new Apple Watch and now you want to pair it with an iPhone. Do follow two methods given below.

You can pair Apple Watch only if you have iPhone 5 or 5c or 5c or 6 or 6 Plus, iPhone 7 or 7 Plus running on 8.2 or later iOS versions.

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone via Camera

Before you start following the steps given below, put your watch in charge; normally, a new Apple Watch comes fully charged, but to play it safe, you should ensure that it is in charge. Moreover, turn on Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth on your iPhone as Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to establish connection.

Step #1: Take your Apple Watch in your hands and tap on the side button for a second or two, and you can see Apple logo on the watch screen. Select your language and go ahead.

Now your Apple Watch asks you to launch Apple Watch app available on your iPhone.

Step #2: Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #3: Tap on Start Pairing button on your iPhone screen.

Step #4: You will get a pop-up that reads ‘To set up your Apple Watch, make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network, and turn on Bluetooth.’

Step #5: Next, put your Apple Watch under iPhone’s camera to pair the watch automatically. You need to follow some instructions given by Apple Watch and you are good to go.

If this doesn’t work, you can pair Apple Watch with iPhone manually.

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone Manually

Step #1: Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Start Pairing button on the screen.

Step #3: Here you will see an option of pairing Apple Watch manually at the bottom of iPhone screen.

Step #4: Now Tap on Pair Apple Watch Manually; next, tap on ‘i’ icon on Apple Watch to see its name.

Step #5: Select the name shown on Apple Watch iPhone app from a list.

Step #6: Next, follow the instructions given on Apple Watch app to finish pairing.

You can now start using Apple Watch, which is successfully paired with iPhone.

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