How to Power off, Hard Reset, and Reboot Apple Watch

Every new technology device comes with some special features that are complicated to explain and understand. Communication devices, though, do not offer much complex system to comprehend. But sometimes a common user fails to understand the basic features of smartphones and smartwatches. Upon the launch of Apple Watch, for example, many users came up with questions like how to power off, hard reset and reboot Apple Watch.

Since Apple has rolled out its second generation Apple Watch Series 2, new owners face similar issues. This information gives you simple solutions of your simple questions. Since you are using this smartwatch, you must have got enough information about how to pair Apple Watch with iPhone and how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Now, let’s explore how you can power off, hard reset and reboot your smart Apple Watch.

How to Power Off/Restart Apple Watch

Any smartwatch or smartphone leaves some bugs in the software inside, and this can pester you while you are interacting with your watch or phone. A quick fix is to power off and restart the Apple Watch.

Step #1: Press and hold the side button of Apple Watch.

Step #2: You will see power down menu on the small screen of your watch. The screen will flash three options:

Power Off to allow you to turn off your watch.

Power Reserve to put your watch in power saving mode.

Lock Device to lock your smartwatch.

To turn off your Apple Watch, just drag the first Power Off slider from left to right on your watch screen. Your Apple Watch is turned off.

Step #3: Now to restart your Apple Watch, just press and hold the side button until you see Apple logo on the watch screen.

This is how you can power off and restart your Apple Watch. Next, you also need to learn how to hard reset or reboot your Apple Watch.

How to Hard Reset/Reboot Apple Watch

Hard reset or reboot is also performed to fix some software issues in your Apple Watch and iPhone. While in iPhone, users have to use Home and Power button, in Apple Watch, it is Digital Crown and side button to be used.

Do not worry about the data you have on your Apple Watch as this will not remove it.

To hard reset or reboot your Apple Watch, simply press and hold side button and Digital Crown simultaneously until you see Apple logo on the screen of your watch.

Your Apple Watch is not hard reset or rebooted. Go ahead, and use this refreshed smartwatch as it will perform faster and better.

Apple Watch is a sensitive device, and therefore, it needs some extra care and protection. Make sure that you have got Third Party Apple Watch Bands, Apple Watch Series 2 stainless steel bands, Apple Watch Series 2 leather bands, Apple Watch Series 2 screen protectors, Apple Watch Series 2 cases, and Apple Watch Series 2 bands.

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