How to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone and iPad

Restrictions in your iPhone and iPad is an important feature to protect the use of apps, games, in-app purchase etc. on your device. You can stop any known or unknown person from misusing or abusing your iPhone and iPad by setting up Restrictions.

A four-digit passcode needs to be set up to prevent people from accessing your iPhone/iPad. Restrictions feature is helpful especially when you hand over your iPhone or iPad to your kids, who tend to open many apps involuntarily.

Restrictions feature is quite handy when you need to block websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 and to remove lock screen camera shortcut on iPhone in iOS 10.

But when you forget this Restrictions passcode, you are in the soup. In this situation, you need to reset Restrictions passcode on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 10.

How to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone/iPad

It is recommended that you restore your iPhone or iPad and then sync your data manually using iTunes.

Switch Off Find My iPhone

To restore your iPhone/iPad, first you should turn Find My iPhone OFF.

Step #1: Open Settings app on iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on iCloud.

Step #3: Next, tap on Find My iPhone option.

Step #4: Toggle Find My iPhone button OFF.

You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm your action. Go ahead and finally tap on Turn Off button seen on the pop-up.

Restore iPhone As New with iTunes

Step #1: Plug your iPhone/iPad in computer with lightning cable and open iTunes. Normally, iTunes fires up when you connect your iOS device with Mac or Windows computer. But if it fails to appear, you can double-click the iTunes icon from desktop.

Step #2: Now you need to choose your iOS device from the top left menu on iTunes screen.

Step #3: Next, click on Restore iPhone button.

Step #4: iTunes will inform you that your data will be deleted. Click on Restore iPhone to confirm your action.

Step #5: Set up your iOS device as new once it is restored successfully. Next, you should restore all your important data like photos and music files using iTunes.

Now is the time to set up your Restrictions passcode as new. You have to do all the above procedure simply because you forget Restrictions passcode.

Set up New Restrictions Passcode on iPhone/iPad in iOS 10

Since you have restored your iPhone as new, you can now create or set up a fresh Restrictions passcode. Later on, you can change Restrictions passcode on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone/iPad.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Next, tap Restrictions option. This option will show as Off by default.

Step #4: Tap on Enable Restrictions.

Step #5: Enter a four-digit Restrictions passcode. This time use a code that you can remember.

Step #6: You will be asked to re-enter the code. Go ahead and enter the passcode again.

Your new Restrictions passcode is set up.

How to Change Restrictions Passcode on iPhone/iPad

Step #1: Follow the first three steps as mentioned above.

Step #2: You will see a screen with a message: Enter your Restrictions Passcode. Enter your existing passcode here.

Step #3: Now tap on Disable Restrictions option.

Step #4: You will be prompted to enter your Restrictions Passcode. Just do it.

Now that you have disabled your Restrictions Passcode, you can follow the same procedure as you have done to set up Restrictions passcode afresh.

The entire procedure of resetting Restrictions passcode look complicated, but if you follow it step by step, you can easily change or reset the passcode. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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