How to Crop or Cut Videos on Android

Google Photos is not explored much by users. Whether you are using iPhone or Android phone, Google Photos gives you good service with a huge storage capacity on cloud. One Google ID gives you 15-GB storage, which is fair enough to save your countless photos and videos.

Apart from storage, Google Photos has a hidden feature of trimming or cutting of videos you have shot on your Android phone. The feature has remained unknown to many Android users, and therefore, this will receive quite a reception slowly and gradually.

Trimming or cutting videos is an activity that every user wants to learn; for a pro-lensman, it is mandatory and for an amateur (like Android phone users) video editing is fun. And to do this at home without relying on the expertise of professional camera man, you should explore Google Photos app on your Android device.

Once you trim or cut videos, you can share your new creation with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp or Instagram – the last two clients are the best platform for video sharing with friends.

Many Android phones have this app built-in with Google’s service package. But if yours don’t have this app, you can download Google Photos from Play Store. Once you download and install this app, follow the steps given below to cut or trim videos on your Android phone.

How to Crop or Cut Videos on Android

Step #1: So you have downloaded and installed Google Photos on your Android phone; now open the app.

Open Google Photos App

Step #2: Since you are using the app for the first time, Google will ask you to sync up your Google account; while doing this, you can also enable back up & sync option so that your photos will be automatically stored on Google Photos.

Enable back up & sync option

Step #3: Next, search a video you want to trim or cut. You know where you need to head to find video.

Select and Open Video

Step #4: A pencil or a stylus like icon will allow you to edit the video you have selected. Tap on this icon and you will be able to cut and trip the video.

Tap on Pencil Icon to Edit Video

Point to Ponder

Many users backup Android phone to Google Drive and save videos on Drive. In this case, you need to download the video on your Android phone.

Step #5: Before you edit the video, the app gives you length of video you have chosen. A selection tool allows you to select the portion you want to trim or cut.

Select Video to Cut or Crop

Step #6: In this selection tool, you will find an option: Rotate. This option is available right below the video length selection tool. Users can rotate the video vertically or horizontally.

Tap on Rotate

Step #7: Once trimming or cutting is done, tap on SAVE button located at the top right corner of your Android phone.

Tap on Save

Your video is now ready to be shared. You can access it from the local folder; since you have synced Google Photos with your Google account, your saved video should be available on the cloud.

Go ahead and share it with your friends & family. If you are using any other video editing app on your Android phone, you can share your experience with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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