How to Unban a Banned Account in Pokemon Go

This information tells you about how to unban a banned Pokemon Go account. This is a tried and tested method and therefore, you can rely on this information. However, developers of this game, Nintendo, may find a solution to weaken the trick.

Pokemon Go has created an enormous craze among young generation. Today, the game is played by millions of gamers, who can vouch for its captivating impact on the minds of other Pokemon Go players.

With its tremendous popularity come some troubles and tribulations. As the game is found being played in every nook and corner of the world, there are many who face a situation of their accounts being banned.

Let’s not get into the reasons of this ban; what we want is the result: how to unban a banned Pokemon Go account?

If you think that unbanning a banned Pokemon Go account will incur some financial loss, fret not. The method is quite easy; you need to follow some simple steps and you are done. Devote some time please.

For a Pokemon Go aficionado, time is a valuable phenomenon. But imagine the pleasure of getting your Pokemon Go account unbanned. So check out the method given below and enjoy the game again.

How to unban a banned Pokemon Go account

Step #1: Locate a local PokeStop and go there to select it within the game.

Step #2: In the middle of the screen, spin a circle. This will not give you anything because your Pokemon Go account is banned; but you will be going somewhere with this.

Step #3: Close the PokeStop. Just a few more minutes.

Step #4: Now your patience will be tested: you need to repeat the entire process on the same PokeStop for 40 times (you read it right, it’s 40).

Step #5: On you 40th spin, you can see that your Pokemon Go account ban has been removed; you will get some free stuff to go along with your new account. Hurray!

That’s it! Note that you should not use this trick on any other game feature. Use your game features and tricks judiciously as developers have spent lot of time, money and energy to give you a wonderful gaming experience, and that too FREE. So at least give respect to developers otherwise the structure of the game may collapse. If your Pokemon Go account is banned again in future, you need to check the security system on your smartphone.

Enjoy this game in the spirit of a true-blue player. Real Pokemon Go players always prepare themselves with essential Pokemon Go accessories. If you are confined to your home (sick or what?), you can play Pokemon Go on Windows PC and Mac. It is not necessary to go out and hunt Pokemon.

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