How to Make Skype Calls Without Creating an Account

Mobile and web communication technology has seemingly been growing day by day. What is available on one platform is also accessible on another. This fashion begins with the arrival of smartphones, and then there was no stopping!

All the popular chat clients have developed apps so that users can communicate on the small screen of their smartphones. But for this, they have to create an account by registering their email ids and mobile numbers. Skype has done something unique by allowing users to make Skype calls without creating an account.

This certainly captures attention of all, who don’t want to share their personal information like mobile numbers and email ids (just to avoid carpet-bombing from marketing agencies and service providers).

One of the biggest benefits of Skype calls without creating an account is that users are not supposed to download any app or software on their mobile or laptop. They can send messages, enjoy video calls, group chat, voice calls, share photos and files, and send emoticons and mojis on their web browsers.

How to Make Skype Voice or Video Calls, Share Files and Photos and Group Chat Without Downloading Or Creating An Account

Microsoft has made a nice effort by creating this web based interface for any guest to make and receive Skype calls without an account.

Step #1: Open on any web browser.

Step #2: On the home page, you will see two buttons: Start a conversation and Download Skype. Click on ‘Start a conversation’ button.

Click on Start Conversation

Step #3: Next, Skype will ask you to enter your name; simply enter your name or you can type in any pseudo name your friends can recognize.

Enter Your Name to Start Skype Conversation

Step #4: Skype will create your conversation.

Skype is creating conversation

Step #5: Now Skype gives you a unique link to share with your friends; you can send this link to invite them to join you in conversation.

Copy the link and share it to your friend whom you want to chat or call

You can either copy the link and send it via any chat medium or send directly via email. Once your friend accepts your invitation, you can start your conversation with your friends.

Now you can make Skype Voice or Video Calls, Share Files and Photos and Group Chat Without Skpye ID

That’s it! You are on. Enjoy your conversation with anybody who has got valid email id.

This feature will surely get warm welcome by web users as they don’t want to disclose their personal mobile number or email id.

Do you think that people should stop using Skype app on smartphones and software on desktop computer? What are the merits and demerits of making Skype calls without creating an account? Share your opinions and feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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