iPhone Disabled How to Recover Your iPhone without iTunes Backup

When it comes to taking a backup of your iPhone or iPad, iTunes has a major role to play. But there are many iPhone users who have never taken a backup using iTunes; in this situation, it is very unlikely that your data can be backed up with the help of iTunes. When you encounter this scenario, you can employ some workarounds to recover your iPhone without iTunes backup.

Points to Ponder

  • iTunes doesn’t allow you to take backup of the locked device if you have never backed up your iPhone earlier.
  • Be prepared to lose your data.
  • You can lose data like apps, app data, contacts, photos, music and other things stored in your iOS device.

How to Recover iPhone without iTunes Backup if your iPhone is Disabled

Use iCloud

If you have synced iCloud and have set up backup, you can find all your app data, photos, and contacts in iCloud. While recovering your iPhone without iTunes backup, you can go ahead and restore your iPhone/iPad from an iCloud backup. Don’t worry about losing your data. Have fun!

Many times, iPhones are disabled by incorrect passcode entries; in this situation you can take use of another device like iPad or an extra iPhone; here, you can check whether the data has been synced to your iCloud account. If yes, log in with your Apple ID: Settings → iCloud and sync the iOS device to check if contacts, mails, photos and other data are available or not.

Follow the recovery process as mentioned below. Note that once your iPhone is disabled, you have got only one option to restore: it is through iTunes.

Step #1: Sync your iPhone to computer/Mac via lightning cable.

Step #2: Launch iTunes on computer/Mac.

Step #3: Locate your iPhone and click on the icon.

Step #4: Click on Restore from the Summary tab.

Step #5: If iTunes starts off with a hassle-free restore, your iPhone will be cleaned and restored as new device. Now you can use your iCloud ID and start restoring the phone.

Step #6: If iTunes throws tantrums and doesn’t act properly, you should go to Recovery Mode.

To go into Recovery Mode, press and hold Power and Home buttons simultaneously; release the buttons when iPhone goes blank. Now you can connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore it.

Remember that both the above methods will completely delete your iPhone data as you have not taken a backup earlier.

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with iTunes and iCloud, especially when users are using the devices for the first time. Apple has created a solid ecosystem and to make the most of this, you need to get the hang of entire Apple juggernaut.

If you look at the brighter side of Apple’s ecosystem, you will realize that you are using world’s best communication technology that is hard to crack by hackers; a safe haven for any common user.

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