Fix iTunes Error 14 while Updating Your iPhoneiPad to iOS 10 Beta How-to

Every time Apple releases iOS versions, users face some error after installing Apple’s operating system. This time, the tradition continues as Apple iPhone and iPad users have encountered Error 14 after installation of iOS 10 Beta.

This problem occurred when users made attempts to update the new software while restoring from the backup. You seem to be fixed in a stalemate. Some users lost all hope as they reported that changing cables and using DFU mode don’t seem to work.

But you can always go for some trial-and-error solutions. Follow the below mentioned solutions and maybe you can overcome this Error 14 after installing iOS 10 Beta.

How to Fix iTunes Error 14 When Updating your iPhone/iPad to iOS 10 Beta

#1. Before you do anything, take a backup. Now go for the clean restore of iOS 9.3.2. This is not the time to restore your personal backup. Use IPSW file you have downloaded and try doing a clean restore of iOS 10.

#2. A user on the MacRumors forum has seen a notice on Apple Support page that reads, “You must have the latest version of Xcode 8 installed on your Mac before using a Restore image to install iOS or tvOS beta software on a device”. Another reader reported that doing a clean restore through Xcode 8 works; the user added that he has used Option key.

#3. Apple Support page says users should check USB device or use another device.

#4. Apple’s official guidelines for beta installation don’t have a notice about installing the beta version directly from the device using Configuration Profile. So users should try it first as there is a better chance of success.

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