Spigen and Olixar iPhone 7 Cases Available for Pre-Order

The media hype created around Apple’s iPhone 7 is so strong that even big brands want to cash in on the reports and so-called rumours. If the reports are to be believed, Apple is going to launch iPhone 7 in its event to be held in September 2016. This has sent an alert to smartphone accessories makers and they began to manufacture cases for the said iPhone.

Reports also claim that Apple may launch three variants: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone Pro. The cases in point here are for iPhone 7, which has screen size of 4.7”. The other two, i.e. iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro have screen size of 5.5” both.

Spigen and Olixar, being the leading brands in iPhone accessories, have come up with excellent cases for iPhone 7. Interestingly, the two cases are not available on Amazon, where a single page of iPhone 7 cases receive more than 27000 hits. Of course, Amazon has got iPhone 7 cases of other popular brands like Ringke, iWire, Ionic Pro, FYY and more.

Spigen has rolled out four vibrant colours in tough armour iPhone 7 case. However, all the four variants are available for the same price. While Olixar has come up with seven different iPhone 7 cases, which boast different materials and colours.

Spigen’s iPhone 7 cases are tough in built as the series is aptly titled Tough Armor case, which has double layered TPU and a polycarbonate hard case, that offers the best protection in a form-fitted design of iPhone 7.

Spigen’s web patterned TPU case has got enhanced shock absorbent on the top, bottom and corners; this quality provides ultimate protection against drops and scratches. Apart from its shock absorption technology, Spigen’s cases also have air cushion technology on all four corners to protect iPhone 7.

Appreciate its raised lip that maintains a safe distance between phone’s touch screen and the surface. This certainly eliminates the possibility of inviting scratches on the touch screen of iPhone 7. Unlike other tough armour cases, Spigen’s are slim and protective.

If you look at Olixar’s iPhone 7 case, you will find a striking feature of sturdiness. Olixar has kept users with active lifestyle in mind, and therefore, launched accurately positioned hard skeleton for extra protection. The design of this case naturally protects the most delicate parts of iPhone 7 like corners and sides.

Its impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton protects the back and corners of iPhone 7. Plastic shell is used to safeguard phone from accidental drops and bumps. Olixar’s case also offers textured grid finishing for improved grip and comfort. This means users can comfortably hold their iPhone 7 in their hands even while they are walking through crowded areas. Even if a user bumps into somebody or something, there is little chance that the phone slips off the hand.

It is always recommended that users should purchase essential accessories for their costly smartphones. This is the reason accessories brands introduce useful accessories like car chargers, simple cases, and more.

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To sum up, we would request you to trust only the reliable sources as rumour mills are working overnight to capture attention of iPhone lovers. Do you think that iPhone 7 will make the grade? Will it beat the immense popularity of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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