21 Funny Words to Add Fun to your Social Conversation

Add Fun to Your Social Conversation

Fun rules the social media. Influencers who boast thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter love to uncloak their funny make-up – online as well as offline.

If you want to create a strong social media profile, pepper your posts, tweets and conversations with these 21 funny words. Go ahead, get clued up about the following words or you can commit these words to your memory.

1. You don’t run away
Rather you like to Absquatulate (/əbˈskwɒtjʊleɪt/).
Example: After slapping the bouncer at a bar, Rahul thought it wise to absquatulate from the venue.

2. You don’t Brag
You love to Bloviate (/ˈbləʊvieɪt/)
Example: Our political leaders frequently go overboard and bloviate about their past achievements during propaganda.

3. Is your colleague Clumsy?
Nope, he is Blunderbuss (/ˈblʌndəbʌs/)
Example: After spilling coffee, Sanjeev, a complete blunderbuss, messed up my files on the desk.

4. It’s not Umbrella
It’s Bumbershoot (ˈbʌmbəʃuːt)
Example: Atmosphere is so cloudy! Rehana, take your bumbershoot with you.

5. Cranky no more
People are Cantankerous (/kænˈtæŋkərəs/)
Example: The cantankerous customer screamed at grocer: This loaf of bread is too stale to eat.

6. Never say Nonsense
Say Codswallop (/ˈkɒdzwɒləp/)
Example: News channels are notorious for serving codswallop in the name of breaking news.

7. Queasiness (the feeling of wanting to vomit) is a passé
Use Collywobbles (/ˈkɒliwɒblz/)
Example: Julie felt collywobbles in the mornings during the first months of pregnancy.

8. You don’t engage in a Brawl (a noisy and violent fight involving a group of people, usually in a public place)
You simply join a Donnybrook (ˈdɒnɪˌbrʊk)
Example: When police raided an illegal liquor bar, alcoholics were engaged in a drunken donnybrook.

9. Your friend is not silly
She is Flibbertigibbet (/ˈflɪbətidʒɪbɪt/)
Example: Nisha’s friends call her a real flibbertigibbet for her eccentric choices of apparels.

10. Are you confused?
No, you are Flummoxed (/ˈflʌməkst/)
Example: Chief Minister was flummoxed by a series of questions hurled by reporters at press conference.

11. Don’t say Ogle (to stare at somebody, usually showing sexual interest)
Say Gongoozle (No authorized pronunciation found)
Example: Nikita believes that she is gongoozled by Nikhil whenever she walks by his desk.

12. Your teenage boy isn’t Awkward
He is Hobbledehoy (ˌhɒbəldɪˈhɔɪ)
Example: Zaki is a new hobbledehoy in the school; teachers always find it difficult to deal with him.

13. Criminals are not thrown in Prison
They are locked up in Hoosegow (ˈhuːsɡaʊ)
Example: After committing an email fraud, Abhishek found himself in hoosegow.

14. You never hear a Commotion
What you hear is Hurly-burly (/ˈhɜːli bɜːli/)
Example: Hemendra enjoys the hurly-burly of political debate.

15. You don’t pamper your kids
You just Mollycoddle (/ˈmɒlikɒdl/) those angels
Example: Khyati doesn’t mollycoddle her kids even when they are injured during outdoor activities.

16. Don’t say Sissy (of a boy, who is interested in things girls like; considered to be weak-hearted or frightened).
Say Namby-pamby (/ˌnæmbi ˈpæmbi/)
Example: Viral, stop behaving like a namby-pamby; get up and be a man.

17. Don’t say Dishonesty
Say Skullduggery (/skʌlˈdʌɡəri/
Example: Bureaucracy is infested with skullduggery. How difficult it is to get things done without greasing palms of government officials!

18. Don’t call someone a Faultfinder
Say Smellfungus (\ˈsmelˌfəŋgəs\)
Example: With his ability to find minor mistakes, he won the title of Smellfungus in literary circles.

19. Don’t say Anticlockwise
Say Widdershins (/ˈwɪdəˌʃɪnz/)
Example: It is a myth that toilet water rotates clockwise in India and widdershins in Pakistan.

20. Don’t call it an Exit
Call it a Vomitory (\ˈvä-mə-ˌtȯr-ē\)
Example: After chomping two packs of buttered popcorn at the amphitheatre, dad promptly rushed to the vomitory.

21. Don’t say Exhausted
Say Wabbit (/ˈwæbɪt/)
Example: After a long day of net practice, cricketers were absolutely wabbit.

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