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Indabaa – The Conference Begins…

Indabaa is a media initiative that believes in spreading interesting information, inspiring digital generation and entertaining the youth. With fresh content and innovative ideas in blogging, Indabaa is set to engage entire digital world in a healthy debate.

Though our content is tailored and curated for digital generation, the name Indabaa finds its root in the era when even snail mails didn’t exist. The term Indaba (the extra ‘a’ here is added to get the domain; there isn’t any numerological gain) means an important conference held by Zulu or Xhosa peoples of South Africa. The term also means ‘Business’ or ‘Matter’ in Zulu language.

There is an interesting story behind how we decided to register Indabaa. Jayesh, who is a prolific contributor to this blog, was explaining an excerpt from Arabian Nights to his daughter. He stumbled across the word Indaba in the story. Later, we discussed this word and made up our minds to book Indaba, which was not available. We had a kind of fascination with this word, and hence, Jayesh suggested putting an extra vowel behind Indaba.

So here is Indabaa. For us, it is a conference of sharing and gaining knowledge on diverse topics like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android and Smart Speakers. You can explore exclusive and refreshing reads on Mobile Technology, Apps and Product Reviews and more. Browse this blog and share your feedback with us!

It takes two to tango Indabaa is a brainchild of Arpan and Jayesh, who joined hands to build this blog from scratch. The two share completely different passions but manage to work together to fulfil their dreams.

Indabaa is a brainchild of Jayesh, who has built this blog from scratch.

Arpan Shah

ArpanArpan is a technology geek. He loves to explore this domain 24×7. And therefore, he hangs about less with his wife and more with Wi-fi 🙂 . Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Google+ are his hobby horses. He loves traffic – not on roads, but on Indabaa pages. This is why he is a stickler for guidelines set by Google and other search engines.

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Jayesh Purohit

JayeshJayesh is anti-Arpan. He is a writer and language is his inamorata. He hates everything that shackles his imagination and creativity. He is unwilling to follow all that blankety-blank stuff prescribed by search engines. Thanks to Arpan, who has convinced Jayesh to follow some rules and regulations of digital domain. Apart from language, Jayesh likes to read and write about advertising, branding, entertainment, and lifestyle.

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