6 Easy Ways to Access Android Settings Menu

Is this your first time using an Android device? Do you feel the tablet has a different interface than the smartphone?

While iPhone has a single manufacturer, Android comes with many. That is why different manufacturers apply unique designs to their Android phones.

As a result, the section where you usually go for Settings might not be available to the new model. It makes a person disoriented for a while till they get used to the change.

It gets worse for a person who has just been introduced to an Android smartphone for the first time. Hence, I will show you how to access Android settings menu the easy way.


6 Easy Ways to Access Android Settings Menu

The way to access the Settings Menu is not limited to just one way. This is the best news for the rookies.

Whether you want to explore various methods or wish to teach your parents the simple approach, this section will come in handy for many reasons.

I have used the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android Pie to explain the steps. The reason to select this particular device is due to its correspondence to older and latest Android models.

All Apps Screen

all apps screen


The first option is the basic step where you find the Settings app on the screen. To do this, I am going to tell you the simplest way if you are holding a smartphone for the first time.

It is pretty easy, though. After unlocking your phone, the screen you see is the Home screen. Use a finger to swipe on it lightly.

Another screen will appear, this time with all the apps on your phone in one place. Now find the Settings app among the rest. It usually has a single cog or a cog gear icon for quick identification.

If you have found it, you have completed your mission!


Search in Apps Screen

search option in apps screen


Do your eyes get blurry with confusion seeing all the Android apps in one place? Do not worry; we all feel the same.

This is why it gets a bit difficult to pinpoint the particular app from the All Apps screen. In that case, stay right where you are and focus on the top search bar above the apps.

Type Settings there and access the app in a matter of seconds!


Create Shortcut

shortcut menu


If you do not want to go through all that each time you look for Settings, you can always create a shortcut.

How do you do that? Once again, it is super easy. Do you remember the way to find Settings from the two methods above? Apply any of them first.

Next, instead of a single tap on the Settings app, do the tap-and-hold technique and move your finger away – a prompt will appear.

It will have a few options, including Add to Home. Tap on it and find the Settings shortcut to your Home screen every time you unlock the phone.

Another way to do this is by tapping and holding the app and dragging the app to the side. It will automatically move to the Home screen.


Favorite Bar

This technique also uses the same instruction as before. However, instead of dragging it anywhere, you have to place it to the Favorite Bar on the Home Screen.

You will find this bar at the bottom section of the Home Screen. It does not have anything specific to recognize, though. The presence will be known after placing an app there.

So, do the tap-and-hold thing again, use your finger to drag the app to the Home screen. Continue dragging it till the app is positioned on the bottom section.

It will settle in the empty slots after finding it. Let go of your finger and enjoy the different versions of the shortcut Settings.


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Quick Settings

This is my all-time favorite way to access Settings because I am sort of used to this since the beginning.

Whether you are on the Home screen, All Apps screen, or have an app launched, it does not matter.

All you have to do is take your finger to the upper section of the screen and make a swipe-down move. It will allow a compressed Quick View to show up. Some Android models might open the expanded version.

Anyhow, do you notice the cogwheel icon at the far top right corner? Yes, this is the Settings. Go there and do your thing!


Google Assistant

using google assistant


While the voice command tool is slightly sloppy at understating the accent in older smartphones, it showed surprising improvement in the recent units.

Whatever the case is, take advantage of it. Any Android device will have Google apps. Therefore, Google Assistant is no exception.

However, you have to use the wake word ‘OK Google’ before asking it anything. Similarly, use this voice command and then ask Google assistant to open Settings.

That is all.


What Is in Android Settings Menu

android settings menu


Android Settings interface has not changed a bit over the years. Of course, there are additional options based on the updated Android versions of each smartphone model, biometric security, S pen, etc.

Still, it is better to have some idea about what you may discover to fix in the Settings app.

The primary sections often include Connections, Display, Sound, Lock Screen, Wallpapers/Themes, Google, General Settings, Software Updates, About phone, etc.

Each contains sub-sections to provide more ways to customize your device to your liking.



As you can see, there are numerous ways how to access Android settings menu. The question is, which one do you consider as the easiest way?

Most people use the swipe-down method described in the fifth section. However, it depends on your habit of opening an app.

For example, many use the search bar in the All Apps screen, making it easy to look for anything once you install too many apps.

I hope this article aids you in finding the simplest way to access the Settings Menu on Android phones. That reminds me, which model do you use?

Good luck, folks!


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