Issues galore, problems in plenty. This is what happens when iOS users update the operating system version. Recently, many iPhone and iPad users must have updated from iOS 9.3.4 to the developer version of iOS 10. And to continue Apple legacy, the software update began to throw tantrums.

Cable or Accessory Not Certified is one of the many issues Apple users have stumbled across along with others. Recently, iOS forums were flooded with queries like iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password, iTunes Error 3194, cannot connect to iTunes Store etc. We have already provided some possible solutions, and here we have come up with a few solutions for this existing problem of ‘Accessory Not Certified’.

Reasons Behind the Issue of “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”.

To be precise, users have noticed a message on their iPhone and iPad screens: “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.”

There are three primary reasons why ‘Accessory Not Certified’ issue pops up.

Accessory Not Certified Issue on iPhoneiPad in iOS 10 Tips to Fix

Lightning Cables Not Certified

Lightning cables are available a dime a dozen. If your destiny smiles upon you, your lightning cable would last for long. But then not all users are that lucky, and therefore such non-certified cables stop working after sometime. It is advisable you purchase MFi (Made for iDevice) certified cables for your iOS devices.

Broken Cable

Bringing home Apple certified cables would give you peace of mind; but there is no guarantee that such cables would last long as MFi certified cables can break down if it is dropped in water or get damaged with constant use or corrosion.

Your Cable Charger or Port is Prevented by Something

Gentlemen normally place their iPhones in their pockets, and therefore, lint gathers in the lightning port. This will certainly hamper smooth charging, and therefore, users have to ensure that the port is clean and clear. Also check that dirt doesn’t block the way of charging.

Once you check the reasons behind the issue of ‘This cable or Accessory Not Certified’, you can now go ahead with some solutions.

How to Fix This Cable or Accessory Not Certified Issue on iOS Device in iOS 10

Method #1

Step #1: Connect the cable to wall charger; do not connect your iPhone right now.

Step #2: Switch off your iPhone; then connect the charger.

Step #3: Keep your device in switched off mode for 20 odd minutes.

Step #4: Now turn on your iOS device; dismiss the warning if there is any.

The above method should fix the issue and most probably the device will be charged.

Method #2

Step #1: Press the Home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously to reboot your iOS device.

Step #2: Before your iOS device starts booting up, connect it to the charging cable.

Step #3: IF you see any warning, disconnect the cable.

Step #4: Connect the cable over again; this time charging should restart without much problem.

You can’t blame cheaper accessories all the time as there can be some other issues pestering you. While certified cables give you good results, you should also take some precautionary measures to keep your device healthy.

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