How to Activate Google Assistant Using AirPods on Android Phone

Apple introduced AirPods with the release of iPhone 7; this innovative pair of Bluetooth ear buds took toll on the 3.5mm headphone jack. But iPhone users began to enjoy Apple AirPods while using iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Given its rising popularity among iPhone users, Android users also became keen to use the ear buds. But mere using Apple AirPods as Bluetooth headphones is not the purpose; the AirPods should be compatible with Google Assistant also (as they work with Siri on iOS devices). For this, you need to activate Google Assistant with AirPods on Android device.

Activating Google Assistant using Apple AirPods is not that simple. You need to rely on a third-party app to set up Google Assistant with AirPods.

How to Set Up Google Assistant with Apple AirPods

Remember that there can be some compatibility issues if you are using an old Android device. To use Google Assistant on your AirPods, you are advised to use Android Nougat and later versions on some high-end devices.

Connect your Android device with the AirPods via Bluetooth. Then, download and install a third-party app AirPodsForGA on your Android phone; next follow the steps given below to activate Google Assistant with AirPods.

Step #1: Launch AirPodsForGA app and allow some necessary permission to the app.

Step #2: Give the app an access to Usage Data; for this, you need to tap on AirPodsForGA and then enable ‘Allow usage tracking’ and toggle this option ON.

Step #3: Now provide Notification Access for this app. When a pop-up appears on your device screen, tap on “OK” button and then turn on the toggle next to AirPodsForGA.

Step #4: The above three steps are enough to set up Google Assistant. Now you can activate Google Assistant by double-tapping one of the AirPods.

Once you have set up Google Assistant on AirPods, you can ask your virtual assistant to schedule a reminder or give you some restaurant recommendations.

According to the developer of this app, the AirPods are designed to work when your Android device screen is locked. When the device’s screen is unlocked, it doesn’t always give you good results as Android sends media button event to the current front app and this app (AirPodsForGA) cannot capture the event.

Smart developers can make impossible, possible. Thanks to DotArrow Inc that it has made it possible to activate Google Assistant with Apple AirPods on Android phones and devices. Would you like to set up Google Assistant on your AirPods? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.