Siri on your Apple Watch can make your life way easier as you can quickly send commands to this intelligent voice assistant. You are reading this guide and this means you have already paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone. And now you want to activate Hey Siri on Apple Watch.

Though it is a rare event wherein users have fairly good experience with Apple Watch and they are using iPhone for the first time, it happens in the world. In this case, you need to pair your Apple Watch with new iPhone. Whatever the situation may be, it is pretty easy to activate Siri on your Apple Watch.

How to Activate Hey Siri on Apple Watch

How to Activate Hey Siri on Apple Watch

To make Hey Siri active, you need to setup Hey Siri on Apple Watch. Then you can follow two simple methods to activate Hey Siri on your smart watch.

Use Hey Siri on Apple Watch

Step #1: Simply raise your Apple Watch to your face (you can tap on the watch screen to enable wrist raise if you have disabled this feature).

Step #2: Now say ‘Hey Siri’ and send a command to Siri.

Activate Siri Manually on Apple Watch

Step #1: Press and hold Digital Crown on your smart watch.

Step #2: Now ask your question or send Command to Siri.

I think the first method is easier than the second one as you just have to raise your wrist to activate Siri. Pressing and holding Digital Crown may be tiresome if one of your hands is occupied.

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