How to Add and Use Multiple Accounts on Amazon Echo

Sharing is caring. Apple believes in this and it introduced Family Sharing feature in Apple Music. Following in Apple’s footsteps, Amazon too brings Alexa Household that allows you to share your Amazon content and purchases with the members of your family. So now you can share your audiobooks, music, lists with Alexa and much more. But before you do this, you need to set up and use multiple accounts on Amazon Echo.

One question can pester your mind: why should anyone set up and use multiple accounts on Amazon Echo? Well, in a large family, there can be people with different tastes for music and books. And therefore, their music libraries and digital book shelf will be different. With different household profiles, family members can use their own calendars, to-do lists and preferences. Living in an extended family? Read this tutorial and add household profiles on Alexa.

How to Add and Use Multiple Accounts on Amazon Echo

How to Set Up and Use Multiple Accounts on Amazon Echo

Before you can use multiple accounts on Amazon Echo, you should be prepared with a few things. The person you want to add as an additional household member to your Amazon Echo must have an Amazon account (you can create one if required). Next, you need that log-in details of that Amazon account to add multiple users on Alexa.

How to Add a Family/ Household Member to Amazon Echo

Step #1. Launch Alexa App on your iPhone or Android or go to from browser.

Step #2. Tap on three horizontal lines which are known as menu button.

Step #3. Go to Settings option.

Step #4. Move down slightly and tap on Household Profile.

Step #5. Hit Start button to invite a household member.

Step #6. Tap on OK to pass your device to the member of your house.

Step #7. Type in Amazon account Email ID and Password of the member whom you want to add.

Step #8. Next, tap on verify account button.

Step #9. At last, tap on Join Household to add user to your Alexa household.

If you connect multiple phones, you should also know how to access Amazon content/purchases from another user’s account. It is simple; just say, ‘Alexa, switch accounts’ or ‘Alexa, switch to John’s profile’.

Once your Alexa household is settled, you can dismantle it as well. In simple terms, if you are not happy with Amazon Echo two accounts, you can remove household member from Amazon Echo.

How to Remove a Household Member from Amazon Echo

Removing someone from your Amazon Household is also a quick process.

Step #1. Launch Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or open web page in your browser from a computer.

Step #2. Tap on Settings.

Step #3. You can see a menu In an Amazon household with [user name] at the bottom of Settings. Choose this.

Step #4. Next to your name, you can see a button titled Leave. Next to the other users’ names, an option to remove the user can be seen.

Step #5. You can either tap this link to remove a user or tap Leave to remove yourself from the household.

That’s it!

This is how you can connect two phones to Echo and then remove one.

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