How to Add or Change Nintendo Accounts in eShop on Switch

Nintendo Switch is truly an amazing console that allows not one or two but eight players to link up their Nintendo accounts to a single Switch. So, if there are multiple players in a single house, they can not only use the same Switch but also add or change Nintendo accounts in eShop on Switch.

The beauty of Nintendo Switch lies in its capacity to let users use different personal settings and save data; moreover, every user can play the same games available on Switch. With a single Nintendo account, you can customize your profile settings, access online game modes, redeem your My Nintendo rewards and buy contents from eShop with your own payment options.

One of the benefits of sharing Nintendo account is that the content purchased by one Nintendo account can be shared by everyone. This means if a single Switch console is used by multiple users, they can share each other’s contents on that one Nintendo Switch. Now let’s get started with how you can add or change Nintendo accounts in eShop on Switch.

How to Add or Change Nintendo Accounts in eShop on Switch

Nintendo Switch requires separate user profile for each account before you can add additional Nintendo account. After creating a separate user profile, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Tap on System Settings from the Home screen of Nintendo Switch.

Step #2: Scroll down and choose Users from the left panel.

Step #3: Choose a profile you want to link a Nintendo account with.

Step #4: Tap on Link Nintendo Account.

Step #5: If you have not created a Nintendo account earlier, you can do so by following this link. If you own a Nintendo account, tap on Sign In and Link.

Step #6: Next, you need to choose ‘Sign in using e-mail address or User ID.’ Choose ‘Sign in using a different account’ if you are using a Nintendo Network ID, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account.

Step #7: Sign in with your log-in details.

Step #8: Tap OK when you see a message confirming that your Nintendo account is now linked with your user account.

How to Switch between Nintendo Accounts in eShop on Switch

It is quite easy to switch to another Nintendo account in eShop on your Switch.

Step #1: Tap on eShop from the Home screen of Nintendo Switch.

Step #2: Next, choose the user profile you want to buy something with in eShop.

Step #3: Type in your Nintendo Account password if required.

Step #4: Start shopping!

How to Play Games from one Nintendo Account with a different user profile

Linking multiple Nintendo accounts with a one Switch has its own benefits. All users can play all games purchased in the eShop (as well as physical cards) by all accounts. This doesn’t jumble up your game data and controller settings, which will be saved separately.

Step #1: Choose the game you want to play on Switch.

Step #2: Choose the user profile with which you want to play that game.

Step #3: Now start playing the game!

Nintendo Switch is an amazing console that boasts excellent features and facilities for its users. Once you set up Nintendo Switch, you can explore its benefits like setting up parental controls on Nintendo Switch, playing Nintendo Switch on TV without dock, watching YouTube videos on Switch etc.

Kids love to download several games and this can eat up the default memory of your Switch. In this case, you can transfer Nintendo Switch games to microSD card. To elevate your Switch experience, you can also use the best Nintendo Switch accessories, which are available in all leading online shopping portals. Note that only Switch accessories are easily available; if you want to access Nintendo Switch eShop from any country, you have to follow a detailed procedure.

Now, start playing the best Nintendo Switch games and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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