How to Add and Enable Alexa Skills to Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is used by people for a number of reasons, and no one can imagine how this smart speaker can change life of people. Its intelligent personal assistant – Alexa – acts as a medium between a user and Amazon Echo. With countless Alexa commands and skills, you can use this Echo device to transform your life intelligently. However, there is more to this Alexa skills; you can customize or add some skills to Amazon Echo to make the most of the smart speaker. This tutorial will tell you how you can add and enable Alexa skills to Amazon Echo.

Before you install and enable Alexa skills to Amazon Echo, you should know what is Alexa skill? Alexa skill is a way you personalize or customize a skill; this new capability enables a user/business owner to create a more personalized experience.

There are three ways you can add skills to an Alexa product. Here, we will deal with each method one by one.

How to Add and Enable Alexa Skills to Amazon Echo

How to Add and Enable Alexa Skills to Amazon Echo

How to Use Web Browser to Add Alexa Skills

Amazon has created a dedicated Alexa Skills page, where it has dumped all major skills to access. You can access a number of skills from the link above; this web page of Alexa Skills looks like an app store, from where you can find skills of your choice. You can explore skills by category and add to Amazon Echo.

Once you click on a particular skill, a detailed page will open. While setting up Echo, you must have your Amazon account configured with the device. And therefore, you can install any skill from the detailed page of that skill. Simply click on Enable button and the skill will be added to your Amazon Echo. Check those speech bubbles, which give you text to activate the skill. You need to speak those words before using a particular skill.

How to Use Alexa Mobile App to Add Alexa Skills

Adding Alexa Skills via mobile app is the same as you did via web page.

Step #1: Open Alexa app on your mobile.

Step #2: Tap on Menu button.

Step #3: From the list of options, tap on Skills.

Here, you can browse many Skills to add to your Echo device.

How to Use Your Voice to Add Alexa Skills

There cannot be a better way to add Alexa Skill than to use your voice. Simply say, ‘Alexa, add (name of Skills)’. Your device will reply that the skill is added.

Remember, you must have the exact name of the skill to add it to your Echo device. If the names of products sold on Amazon are similar to the names of Skills, you will have tough time adding Alexa Skills to Echo.

How to Enable and Disable Alexa Skills on Amazon Echo

When you think you have had enough of a particular Alexa Skill, you can disable the Skill. However, there is a single tap to enable and disable Alexa Skills.

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet; you can open it on web browser also.

Step #2: From the sidebar menu, choose Skills.

Step #3: Search the skill you want to disable/enable and choose the skill.

Step #4: Finally, you can tap on Enable to turn the skill on.

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