Events in iPhone and iPad is given a facelift in the latest iOS 10 by Apple. Along with apps like Messages, Notification Center, Apple Music, and Control Center, Events in iOS 10 has something cooler than its previous avatar. Now, Events can automatically scan Mail and Messages on iPhone and iPad. So here is how you can add Events to Calendar app in iOS 10.

The new feature of adding events automatically in calendar app from Email on iPhone and iPad is a blessing for those, who are leading a hectic life and have to remember many things in a day.

Let’s explore this feature in detail and check how to use it.

How to Add Events Automatically to Calendar App on iPhone in iOS 10

How to Add Events to Calendar App from Email or Message in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Whenever you receive a mail or message citing a date/time/place, a pop-up will prompt you to add an Event.

Step #2: There will be three options: Create Event, Show in Calendar, and Copy. You can tap on Create Event.

Step #3: After this, fill in some details like start time, end time etc.

Step #4: After filling in such details, tap on Add.

Hurray! Your event is created. It is as simple as ABC. You might be puzzled by a question: what about previous emails and messages that flashed date/time/place? There is an answer to your question. Simply press and hold the time/date text in the message or mail to add an event to the Calendar.

Later, if you want to prevent Events from automatically adding to Calendar app in iOS 10, you can follow steps mentioned below.

How to Prevent Events from Automatically Adding to Calendar App in iOS 10

Step #1: Open Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Now you need to scroll down and tap on Calendar (Note that in previous iOS versions, Mail, Contacts, Calendars was given in a single screen).

Step #3: Scroll down again and toggle the option of Events Found in Apps OFF.

It is done! Now your communication apps (mail/messages) won’t ask you to create Events automatically with that irritating pop-up. You can now manually create and manage all events on your iOS devices.

I would always advise you to keep the Events Found in Apps option ON as this is one of the coolest features in entire iOS 10 release. This certainly helps busy users as it keeps reminding you of an important date, time, and place.

For professionals, self-employed professionals and business owners, Events is of prime importance. If you forget to attend an important meeting, conference or seminar, it can incur a heavy loss in terms of business, finance or relationship.

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