Automation is currently in trend. It is being implemented in big industries and even offices. So why your home should be left out!

As far-fetched this may sound, it actually can be done and the entire process takes only an hour to set up.

Welcome to the world of Samsung SmartThings.

To start automating your home, the first thing you need is the SmartThings Hub. Then you will have to connect some compatible smart devices. There are practically hundreds of such devices available for you to choose from. Once you have gathered these prerequisites, you can follow this detailed guide on how to get this entire ‘thing’ running.

How to Add New Samsung SmartThings Devices

How to Add a New Samsung Smart Things Device

Adding a new SmartThings accessory to your home network is quite simple. The first thing you have to make sure is that the SmartHub has been set up. Now open your Samsung Connect App.

Note: This process is not meant to be executed through the SmartThings App.

Step #1. Open the app and press the plus sign to manually add a device.

Step #2. There will be an Add Device Manually button. Use it if the devices doesn’t automatically populate.

Step #3. Once you see your SmartThings displayed on the interface, tap on it.

Step #4. Each device will have very different information to setting it up, specific to only that device. Follow the steps provided there.

Step #5. Once done, just tap Done and you are done! It is all connected now.

Following the above steps, you would have connected all your SmartThings with your SmartHub. You will see all your connected devices under My Device. You can tap on these listed devices if you wish to see some details. For example, if you have the Multipurpose sensor setup then you can check in to see if the doors you configured are closed or not.

Furthermore, you can also sync up your Samsung SmartThings with Google home or Play and then get notifications from the motion sensors.

How to Set Up Rules for Samsung SmartThings?

Out of the Box, all the Samsung SmartThings comes with their own set of automated abilities. However, you can reconfigure them to suit your personal needs.

Step #1. You will have to launch the Samsung Connect App.

Step #2. Now go to the Menu.

Step #3. Tap on Rules.

Step #4. Here you should find an Add Rule button. Tap that.

Step #5. Give this new rule a name and specify where you want to use it

Step #6. Now you will have to add a condition. For that you will have to do the very obvious, Add Condition.

Step #7. The last bit of customization would be choosing the time of day, time period or device condition and you have successfully reprogrammed the devices.

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