How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone or iPad

Smartphone photography is taken seriously by users. Earlier, people used to click photos for fun, but now with high-end phones equipped with advanced camera features, smartphone owners sincerely pursue their passion for photography. The latest iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus boast high-quality camera app that enables users to capture beautiful images. Moreover, there are sophisticated camera lenses for iPhone to get better results. Consequently, users want to retain their ownership on the images or photos they have clicked and shared on social media. So here we have list few best iPhone Apps to add watermark to iPhone Photos.

Adding watermark to photos on your iPhone or iPad is one way you can claim your ownership. There are many iOS apps that can help you add watermark to photos on iPhone or iPad. But not all are as useful as they should be. We have sorted out three best apps to put watermark on photos in your iPhone or iPad.

You can download the below mentioned three iOS apps to add watermark on iPhone Photos.

How to Add Watermarks to Photos on iPhone or iPad

Best iOS Apps to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone or iPad

eZy Watermark lite

eZy Watermark lite allows you to emboss your name or logo on multiple photos in iPhone or iPad. You need to create custom templates once and then you can use those templates over a long period of time without changing the design. Moreover, you can add your own QR code to images, adjust the font and opacity of text. You can put your own signature with a stylus to personalize your watermark. One of the glaring features of eZy Watermark lite is you can quickly watermark countless photos in a jiffy. You don’t need to open photos individually to watermark them.

Download eZy Watermark lite


iWatermark is a paid app but it has got excellent features and therefore it is downloaded by many users and appreciated by all. More than 1300 five-star reviews bear the testimony to the success of iWatermark. You will admire a simple layout of iWatermark, which lets you upload and add your personal watermark to photos. You can change fonts, adjust the opacity, size of the watermark etc. To customize your photos, you can use more than 160 fonts to create an awesome graphic watermark.

Download iWatermark

Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

Enjoy more than 200 actions you can plug and play into workflows, apart from adding watermark to your photos. Users who are already using this app have provided two open source options to customize watermark: Simple Watermark and Overlay Watermark.

You will be able to copy particular text to clipboard; next, you can use edit image option to add text to numerous photos. Alternatively, you can use image itself as a watermark to overlay in a corner of a photo.

Download Workflow

How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone and iPad

Procedure to add watermark remains same more or less; in this information, we have used eZy Watermark lite to add watermark to photos.

Step #1: Open eZy Watermark lite on your iOS device.

Step #2: You can either choose Single Image or Multiple Images.

Step #3: Next, you can see sources of the image on your iOS device; tap on any one source you want to select the image from.

Step #4: Choose the image you want to add watermark to.

Step #5: Tap on the option you wish to have on your image or photo; note that people love to use ‘autograph’ or ‘text’ to watermark.

Step #6: Enter the watermark text.

Step #7: You can choose your editing tools from the left side of your phone’s screen; these tools allow you to edit the opacity, color, fonts and other things.

Step #8: Once you are satisfied with your editing, tap on check mark in the circle.

Step #9: Finally, you also need to tap similar check mark in the bottom right corner to save watermarked image.

That’s it! Now your image or photos are secured and nobody can use it without your permission.

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