How to Adjust iPhone X Side Button Double-click or Triple-click Speed

Side button on iPhone X has multiple usages like using Apple Pay, activating Siri, using emergency SOS etc. However, iPhone X users are equally interested in changing double-click or triple-click speed of the side button. Just like physical home button on iPhone 8 and earlier models, side button to creates certain effects when you double-click or triple-click it. If side button on iPhone X is getting delayed in responding then you can customize the click speed. When you adjust iPhone X side button double-click or triple-click speed, you can use it with extra comfort.

There are three-speed levels for side button on iPhone X: Default, Slow, and Slowest. By following a simple method given below, you can adjust the speed required to double- or triple-click the side button on your iPhone X.

How to Adjust iPhone X Side Button Double-click or Triple-click Speed

How to Customize Click Speed for Side Button on iPhone X if Getting Delayed in Responding

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Now, tap on Accessibility.

Step #4: Next, Scroll down slightly and tap on Side button.

Step #5: Here you will three different options: Default, Slow, and Slowest.

From the three options, you can select any one as per your requirement. If you have all the time to relax and use your phone at leisure, you can choose slow speed. For extremely slow speed, select the slowest option.

That’s all friends!

Side button has taken the responsibility of home button, and like the latter, side button can face some issues. If you feel that side button is not working properly, you can fix this issue by following some solutions.

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