For a first time ever, Apple decided to show that it cares about its fans and launched an affordable iPhone. The device we are talking about is iPhone XR and it offers the same design and similar performance that iPhone XS features while costing only $749. iPhone XR has been a welcomed surprise by Apple fans because, as we all know, Apple likes to overprice its products and iPhone XR is a breath of fresh air.

Nonetheless, today we are going to present the best iPhone XR accessories that you can find on Amazon. Just like iPhone XR, these accessories are going to be affordable and really useful to have around. Even though iPhone XR is a great smartphone, no one can deny the fact that its performances and uses can get so much better with the use of the right accessories. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 Crystal Clear Case

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 1

The first iPhone XR accessory on our list is a crystal clear case from MoKo. iPhone XR is a beautiful device and you don’t want to ruin its design by covering it in a big and bulky case. The designers at MoKo have created a slim and thin style for the case that makes it easier for iPhone XR users to flaunt their device. Not just that, but the face features reinforced corners and raised edges that will keep the iPhone XR safe from falls. As we promised, this accessory is affordable.
Price: $6.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Waterproof, Shockproof and Snowproof Case

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories

Even though getting a big case like the one featured in the picture above will take away some of iPhone XR’s beauty, we can’t deny the fact that it will also make it more durable. This case is produced by Meritcase and its IP68 waterproof. This means that you can drop your iPhone XR in water for more than an hour and nothing will happen to it. This makes the case quite useful for people who live in cities where it rains a lot.

The case is also shockproof and the iPhone XR can be dropped from up to two meters and nothing will happen to it. The last thing we need to mention about the case from Meritcase is the fact that despite its big size, it’s quite light weighing at only 56 grams.
Price: $19.99
Get it from Amazon

#3 YueGoo Charger

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 3

Don’t you hate it when you run out of battery while at the office? Well, this problem can go away if you get a wireless charger because you can simply mount it on your desk and your iPhone XR will never run out of battery charge ever again. This accessory features “smart charging technology” and it ships with an integrated chip that will keep the charging pad from overheating. Not just that, but the integrated chip will also protect the charging pad from overvoltage and short circuits.
Price: $23.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4 2-in-1 Lighting Adapter

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 4

Since we previously mentioned wireless charging, we also need to present a 2-in-1 Lighting Adapter. The fact that iPhone XR ships with only one Lighting port makes the device look sleek. However, this can prove to be quite problematic because iPhone XR users can’t charge their device via cable and listen to music on their headphones at the same time. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t see fit to equip iPhone XR with a pair of free wireless earbuds or a 2-in-1 Lighting adapter and this is why the accessory from My-Handy-Design becomes a “must-have” to all iPhone XR users.

Moreover, Apple’s Lighting chargers are infamous for breaking after being used for more than one month. Well, this is never going to happen with this 2-in-1 Lighting adapter because it uses high-quality materials such as copper that offers a great audio quality.
Price: $10.98
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Phone Camera Lens

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 5

Apple needed to compromise on hardware parts and on the camera of iPhone XR in order to make the device affordable. Even though iPhone XR snaps great pictures, people who want to take their Instagram to the next level should consider getting these 5-in-1 Phone Camera Lens package from KNGUVTH. The lenses feature the following mods: enhanced telephoto zoom, fisheye, wide angle and macro lens. To make things even better, the seller for this accessory is so confident in the product that it offers a 12-month replacement warranty.
Price: $29.99
Get it from Amazon

#6 Charging Stand

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 6

If you are a loyal Apple fan and own multiple iOS devices, then this charger stand from Treatlife is just what you need. The stand supports all types of iPhones (XR included), AirPods and an Apple watch at the same time. The stand is made from premium and durable TPU silicon material that guarantees the stand will look great even after one year of use. Moreover, the stand features a stylish design that will look great next to all your Apple products.

The great thing about this accessory is the fact that it can be easily installed. The only thing that you will need to do is to place it on a desk or anywhere else and then plug in the charging cable. That’s it. There’s no need to get complicated at all.
Price: $16.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7 2-in-1 Audio Docking Station

Affordable iPhone XR Accessories 7

If you didn’t like the previous charging stand, then this one might do the trick. The special thing about this stand is that it’s actually a docking station where you can place your iPhone XR and play music through it. The speaker connects via Bluetooth and it blasts sound at 10W.

Price: $49.95
Purchase it from Amazon

Final Words…

All seven iPhone XR accessories that we showed you today are affordable and they can be found on Amazon. We advise all iPhone XR users to consider getting at least a 2-in-1 Lighting cable because it’s going to completely change the way they use the device. However, add the 5-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Package and your iPhone XR is going to snap better pictures than even iPhone XS does. This is the great thing about accessories, they make our powerful smartphones even more amazing than they already are.


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