How to AirDrop from iPhone or iPad to Mac

Wireless transfer of data between iPhone/iPad and Mac is easy and fast with AirDrop. This feature is unknown to many iPhone and iPad users, who also own Mac computers or laptops. For all your transfers of videos, photos, notes, and other files, you can AirDrop from iPhone/ iPad to Mac.

To begin with, you should check that all your devices are running the latest version of operating system. On your iPhone or iPad, you can install latest iOS 10 and on your Mac, you can update it to macOS Sierra.

Once everything is in place, follow the steps given below to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac.

How to AirDrop from iPhone and iPad to Mac

You can AirDrop any data or document where you find ‘Share’ button; here, we will AirDrop a photo from iPhone to Mac.

Step #1: Open any app from which you want to AirDrop document, file, photo, or video on your iPhone; you need to tap on ‘Sharing’ button on your iPhone. In this information, we will AirDrop a photo from Photos app on iPhone.

Step #2: On your Mac, launch a Finder window and select ‘AirDrop’ from the sidebar. Optionally, you can bring down ‘Go’ menu and select ‘AirDrop’.

Step #3: Stay on your Mac and click on ‘Allow me to be discovered by’; you will be presented with two options: ‘Everyone’ or ‘Contacts Only’. You need to keep the Finder window open because it enables AirDrop.

Step #4: On your iPhone, tap on AirDrop icon on Sharing screen.

Step #5: On iPhone, wait until Mac with AirDrop enabled appears in the list; now, tap on Mac/user id to start sending data/documents to your Mac.

Step #6: Data or documents you have AirDropped will be transferred instantly from your iPhone to Mac; once this process is finished, Mac will make a little sound and you can check the transferred files in your Downloads folder.

You need to ensure that Finder AirDrop window is open during this process because as long as this window is active, Mac continues to accept inbound AirDrop file transfers from iPhone, iPad, or other Mac computers.

Once the transfer process is over, you can close the Finder AirDrop window on your Mac; this will stop further data transfer.

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