The intercom on Amazon Echo devices is a great feature that enables users in the same household to talk to each other using Drop In feature. However, this Drop In sometimes fails to drop your message to another end, and this creates problems. When Alexa Drop In not working on your Echo devices, you can follow some quick solutions.

Users have appreciated this Amazon echo intercom feature on Alexa devices and this was one of the reasons why Amazon experienced a sharp increase in the sale of Echo devices last year. Following colossal sales of Echo devices, users began to use them as intercom devices they can broadcast verbal messages/instructions etc. on. One of the side-effects of multiple Echo devices is that people like to enable Alexa multiroom music on Amazon Echo devices.

Alexa Drop In Not Working

Alexa Drop In Not Working on Amazon Echo Devices

Drop In has multiple usages; for parents, it is a great way to wake up their kids sleeping in another room. If your family has senior citizens, they can call their young kids instead of using a bell (they cannot shout). When Drop In fails to work, it requires quick attention and some handy solutions can fix the Drop In stops working issue.

Is your Alexa device compatible with Drop In?

One of the first things you need to check is the compatibility of Drop In feature with your Alexa device. If you are in the US, the Drop In support is available on following Alexa devices:

  • Amazon Echo (1st Generation)
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Dot (1st Generation)
  • Echo Dot (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Plus
  • Alexa app (only for starting Drop In)

And if you are in the UK, you can use Drop In on following devices:

  • Amazon Echo (1st Generation)
  • Echo (2nd Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Plus
  • Alexa app (only for starting Drop In)

Note that Alexa will initiate Drop In on your device; you cannot open this feature directly from Echo devices.

Check Drop In Permissions on Alexa

Drop In permissions have different levels and you have to select between those permission levels on your Alexa.
If Drop In permissions are ON: all contacts you have granted permission to can drop in on that device.

Only my household: This means only devices registered to your account can drop in on that device.

Off: This clearly indicates that Drop In is not available for that device.

Moreover, if you have changed Drop In preferences, you need to change those device Drop In preferences from Alexa app.

Step #1: Open Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step #2: Tap on Menu and then choose Settings.

Step #3: Now you need to select your device.

Step #4: Select Drop In under General.

Step #5: Select several permission options for your chosen device.

You can repeat above steps for all supported Alexa devices.

Disable DND

Make sure that DND is not enabled on your Echo device. If you have turned ON DND on Alexa and then turn it off by following this guide.

Disable and Enable Drop In

For once, simply disable Drop In feature on your Alexa device and then enable it.

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step #2: Tap on Menu icon (three horizontal lines) from the upper left corner.

Step #3: Now tap on Settings, which is the last option in Menu.

Step #4: Next, you need to choose the device for which you want to disable Drop In.

Step #5: Then tap on Drop In option.

Step #6: Here, you will see three options: On, Only my Household, and Off.

Step #7: Finally, tap on Off.

Update Alexa app

Are you using the latest version of Alexa app? Whether you are using iOS device or an Android’s one, you need to check which version of Alexa you are using currently. If there is an update, you should quickly update the app on your iOS or Android devices.

Reset Echo Device

Reset should your last resort. When nothing works, go for the resetting your Echo devices. Here is our complete guide on how you can reset Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot devices.

How to Reset Amazon Echo Show

If Nothing Works,

When all your hopes are shattered, the only option left is to contact Amazon Support. Note that there is a dedicated Amazon device support that can help you solve issues related to your smart speakers.

That’s all friends!

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