All-in-One Messenger and Franz: Use Multiple Chat Clients On Single Screen

Being a social butterfly, you have registered yourself on so many chat clients. Top four messenger apps are FB Messenger, Google Hangout, WhatsApp and Skype. Normally, you follow these messenger apps as if they were prescribed by your family doctor. But the only headache is that you have to open a new tab on your browser to chat with your friends, family and colleagues.

Not anymore! Here is good news for you. All-in-One Messenger is your best companion. With this free web-based free client, you can open multiple messenger apps on your desktop computer or laptop. This chat client is compatible with Chrome browser only; so if you are not using Chrome, you need to download Chrome first and then go for All-in-One Messenger.

This messenger service can reduce your efforts of logging into multiple chat services; moreover, it will save your energy of switching between different apps.

All-in-One Messenger and Franz Use Multiple Chat Clients On Single Screen

Apart from chat clients mentioned above, All-in-One Messenger also supports other apps like WeChat, Steam Chat, Telegram and others. You can check the full list of chat apps in the screenshot given below.

This nifty messaging platform might sound innovative for you, but there are many pro-users who are already using Franz.

Franz is developed by Stefan Malzner, who is a Vienna based designer. This chat messenger can be downloaded on your Mac and then you can integrate as many apps as possible. The primary idea of designing this app is to offer a one-stop shop for all chat apps you are using on different windows or tabs. Moreover, this brings all your chat apps on a single screen; so instead of using two screens – a smartphone and a laptop – you can use Franz to chat with all your contacts.

Franz connects Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, HipChat, Google Hangouts and Grape. Given the fact that all the apps are now web-based, it makes sense that you use Franz or All-in-One Messenger as you can stop toggling between several windows on your Mac or Windows PC.

Earlier, Stefan has rolled out only Mac version of Franz; but now, all versions of Franz are available here.

Download Franz all Version

Like All-in-One Messenger, Franz is completely free; since it has become quite popular, you will regularly get updates on this app.

If you are impressed by All-in-One-Messenger, you can follow this link to download All-in-One-Messenger from Chrome Web Store.

Download All-in-One-Messenger from Chrome Web Store.

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