Last month, my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 began to throw tantrums by frequently discharging battery. Post this, I had to charge it often but it was not charging properly. This was strange for me as I had never noticed my battery draining from 100% to 50% in just 10 minutes. This clearly indicates that my Android phone not charging the way it should be.

In my case, I could fix the issue simply by restarting my Android phone. But there are many users who face charging problem, and for this, they need to do something with their smartphone chargers to fix the issue of Android phone not charging.

It is not confirmed whether this issue crops up while charging phone via wall plug adapter or through power banks, car chargers, wireless chargers, laptops or desktop PCs.

How to Fix Android Phone is not Charging Properly Issue

Fix #1: Keep USB Port Clean

With continuous use of your charger, metallic surfaces inside the USB port and microUSB charger may not get in touch with. If destiny doesn’t smile upon you, you may get a defective piece, which may deteriorate over a period of time. At this, you need to switch off your smartphone, take the battery out and use a sharp-pointed thing to clean the USB port.

Fix #2: Remove Lint and Dust

If you fail to clear the dust gathered around USB connection, your Android phone won’t charge properly. There is only one solution to this problem: keep the USB connection clean of dust, i.e. never allow dust to settle there.

Fix #3: Power off Smartphone

While you are charging your phone, it is advisable to power it off. Your phone’s battery is constantly drained by some apps, which are frequently being used by you.

Fix #4: Change Micro USB Cables

If the Micro USB cable is faulty, you may face this problem of your phone not being charged properly. Try another cable and if the problem persists, read the next solution. Note that there are many unbranded cables available in the market; stay away from such products.

Fix #5: Is the Adapter in Working Condition?

You clean forgot to check the wall plug adapter, didn’t you? After prolong usage, the USB port may lose its real power. In addition to this, also check the wall socket.

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Fix #6: Voltage and Amperage of Battery Pack can be Culprits

Smartphone users, who travel long distances, keep power banks and battery cases. If you are also using any of the two to charge your smartphone, you need to check voltage and amperage of the battery pack. Use apps like Ampere to check the charging status and statistics.

Wet Worries

If you are still wet behind the ears, you would allow your phone to get wet. Have you ever dropped (accidentally, of course) your phone into water, there is no doubt that phone’s battery is damaged. In this situation, there are two solutions: either you change your phone’s battery or you should have used waterproof cases for your smartphone.

Use Wall Socket for Charging

The ideal phone charging method is to connect your smartphone with the lightning cable and then connect the adapter to wall socket. However, people tend to charge their phones by syncing them with laptop or desktop PCs via cable. This practice doesn’t give you quick charging.

Battery Replacement

As cited above, you may need to replace phone’s battery, especially when your phone has sunk in water. Moreover, after prolong use, your phone’s battery may get expired or worn down.

Relegate Your Software

In this age of promotion and advancement, this solution of relegating software may sound out of date. But sometimes, this works better. After updating software, your phone battery may begin to drain faster. And if you are running the latest software on your old phone, the situation gets even worse. This is when you should downgrade phone’s software.

Safety First

Though this solution is put at the end of information, safety should be given prime importance at all levels. You should avoid humid and hot conditions to charge your smartphone. Keep your phone away from water; never put it on wet surface or clothes.

You should try multiple solutions to solve Android phone not charging issue. Did you try any of the above solutions? What was the result? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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