Apple’s Latest Product AirBag Launched by Conan O’Brien on TBS

A technology overdose always invites scathing criticism from different walks of life. Recently, Apple launched its two smartphones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In its efforts to give something more than earlier products, Apple this time offers AirPods and removes the 3.5mm headphone jack from its flagship phones.

A step further, this technology giant has filed a patent for its paper bag. Floored? Well, it is true that Apple has filed patent application for a paper bag, which is claimed to be a low-tech product unlike its high tech iPhones, iPads, Mac, TV and more.

Apple Airbags Patent

Apple Airbag Patent

To set this paper bag apart from other similar bags, Apple makes the bag 60% recycled bleached sulphate unlike other bags, which are 40% to 50% recycled bleached sulphate. Sophisticated fit and finish will impress users of this paper bag from Apple.

While this low-tech product’s patent filing got limited attention from tech savvy consumers, it is Conan O’Brien’s spoof on Apple’s ‘AirBag’ in his show aired on TBS that garnered huge attention from viewers.

Apple’s paper bag is not something Jobs would approve of (this is our guess), and therefore, Conan O’Brien and his Team Coco (connect the dots) created a hilarious parody of the bag, which has been called AirBag in the video.

Lend your ears to the voiceover that mimics Jony Eve’s narration style of Apple products during events held by the brand.

For our readers, note that the patent is real but the video is fake one. So don’t rush to Apple Store to buy this ‘AirBag’.

In the video, Apple’s AirBag is shown to offer multiple benefits for consumers. Unlike your grocery bag, this AirBag is useful to dispose of your used Apple products; it can provide a cosy shelter to your little cat.

Like other product variants, this AirBag too is available in different size: AirBag Plus and AirBag Mini. If you love wireless products, you will also love a handleless bag, which is AirPodBag.

Moreover, this bag can be connected with all your Apple devices – after all, connections are everything!

You can check full contents of Apple’s patent application on US Patent & Trademark Office website.

It is noteworthy that Apple has taken the technology market by storm by launching awesome products. But this bizarre patent filing thing has invited this jocular criticism from the famous comedian. However, Apple fans would certainly like to use this low-tech product since it will be flaunting Apple logo on the product.

The brand impact certainly works in Apple’s favour as it has released many high-tech products till date. Upgrade of Apple Watch and iPhone has seen tremendous welcome from all corners.

Do you think that Apple’s patent filing for paper bag is a technology overdose? When machines take over human life, it creates a lot of issues like conflict between man and machine; man’s ego is hurt; superiority of human imagination and brain is challenged.

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