Apple iOS 13 – Here are the Hidden Features That Apple Doesn’t Want To Talk About

After months of waiting, Apple has finally launched its new iPhone 11 lineup which also contains the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you are interested in buying one of Apple’s latest flagship smartphones then you can click here and find out what are the best deals that carriers are online retailers are offering. What’s great about the arrival of iPhone 11 and its alternative models to the market is the fact that Apple also introduced the much-anticipated iOS 13.

iOS 13 is the latest operating system update from Apple and it comes with lots of important features that are changing the way people are using their iPhones with the famous Dark Mode being the perfect example of that. Since this is Apple that we are talking about, no one should be shocked to find out that the Cupertino based tech giant has also equipped the operating system with a bundle of hidden features that only expert and nosey iPhone fans will discover.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands to dig through the features that Apple has hidden in iOS 13, then you have arrived at the right place since today we are going to present the best hidden features that iOS 13 has to offer.

The Best Hidden Features in iOS 13

#1 Enhanced Battery Life

As previously mentioned, iOS 13 introduced a system-wide Dark Mode and the sleek design is not the only thing that this mode offers. iPhone fans who decide to enable the Dark Mode will find out that their battery life is enhanced. This is thanks to the fact that the brightness of native iOS apps will no longer be set at max.

To make things even better, Apple has introduced a new feature called “Optimized Charging”. This feature can be found under Settings – Battery in iOS 13 and even though Apple has not talked about it in its Apple Event press panel, “Optimized Charging” is one of the best features that iOS 13 brings because it makes it possible for iPhones to charge to 80% then only top up the rest when the user needs it.

#2 File Actions

One of the most useful features that iOS 13 introduces is an action for files and it’s called “unzip”. Just as the feature’s name implies unzip makes it possible for iPhone fans to compress or uncompress their files directly through the Files app. To make things even better, iOS 13 is now allowing iPhone fans to create nested folders and move files around without ever needing to access the iCloud Drive. The two new file actions might not be groundbreaking features by any means, but they are certainly useful to have around.

Best iOS 13 Features

#3 Swipe Typing

The first thing that iPhone fans are going to notice after downloading and installing iOS 13 on their device is that they have access to a new method of typing, Swipe Typing to be more exact. This feature has been available in premium third-party keyboard apps and now, Apple has finally decided to give it to iPhone fans for free. The feature is a great addition for people who send texts a lot since it will make it much easier and faster for them to send texts to their friends and family members.

#4 Improved Search for Messages

Since we previously talked about Swipe Typing, we need to mention that that is not the only feature that iPhone fans are going to notice when it comes texting. iOS 13 is also introducing a new feature called “Improved Search” which as its name implies, it’s allowing iPhone fans to search through recent messages for information such as photos and links. Not just that, but the feature can also be used in order to search within individual conversations.

#5 Unlimited Downloads

Hidden iOS 13 Features

If you are a fan of mobile games or useful iOS apps, then we have some great news to share with you. The latest operating system update from Apple is introducing a cool feature called “Unlimited Downloads”. For those who are unaware, iOS limited all apps and mobile game updates to 200MB as a security measure to not use up all the mobile data of iPhone fans. Fortunately for iPhone fans who are benefit from an unlimited mobile data plan, they don’t have to deal with that restriction anymore and search for a stable Wi-Fi network whenever they want to download an update that is bigger than 200MB.

#6 Silence Callers

Don’t you hate it when your iPhone is getting spam calls from call centers? This is one of the most annoying things ever and from the looks of it, Apple is aware of that. The reason why we are saying that is because iOS 13 introduces a new feature called “Silence Callers”. iPhone fans who decide to enable this feature will soon find out that their iPhone is going to automatically silence all calls from callers who are not saved in their Contacts, Mail or Messages. Unknown callers will automatically be sent to the voicemail.

#7 Safari Improvements

iOS 13 Features

Safari is the default browser of iOS powered device and Apple has decided to include a bunch of hidden features for the mobile browser in iOS 13. First off, iPhone fans will be able to snap screenshots of the full website while browsing in Safari just by tapping on the “Full Page” option that appears when they want to capture the screen.

In addition, Safari is now giving iPhone fans the option to switch the default download location for files that are not automatically saved in their iCloud Drive. Therefore, iPhone fans can finally decide the local iPhone folder where they want their downloaded files to be saved by default.

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