Apple iPad Air 2022 – Top 3 “Must-Have” Accessories

This year has been a great one for Apple fans. The Cupertino based tech giant has launched lots of amazing devices with the latest iPhone 11 series leading the way. Another Apple device that became a bestselling product is none other than the newest iPad Air. This is a third-generation tablet that ships with a 10.5-inch Retina display and a powerful A12 Bionic processor that can handle heavy-duty tasks without any problems. To top it all off, the 2019 model of iPad Air is priced at $499 and this makes it one of the most affordable tablets that Apple has released this year.

As it is the case with all other tech devices, the only way to truly unlock the full potential of iPad Air is to pair with the right accessories. We know that picking the right accessories can be a daunting task since there are so many options to pick from and this is why we have gathered the top three most useful iPad Air accessories that can be found on Amazon in 2019. Without any further ado, let’s check them out.

iPad Air 2021– Top Three Accessories

#1 Special Case and Backlit Keyboard

 Special Case and Backlit Keyboard

What makes iPad Air stand out from all the other tablets that Apple has released in 2019 is the fact that it ships with a super-thin design. The design looks amazing and there is no doubt about that. However, the super-thin design does make it quite easy to scratch the edges of iPad Air or even crack the display of the device. This is why on the first spot on our list, we have a special case iPad Air from Yekbee.

The special case is compatible with all iPad Air models that are equipped with a 10.5-inch display, just like the 2019 edition. The folks at Yekbee have equipped the case with a stylish finish that features grip-enhancing technology and smart business-grade protection. This is quite important because it enhances the level of protection that the case offers.

Another highlight feature that we want to present is the case’s smart protection system. This system provides wake/sleep features that have been specially designed to conserve the battery life of iPad Air. In addition, the keyboard that is bundled with the case is backlit and it features a total of ten colors.
Price: $64.99
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#2 Rugged Case

Rugged Case

If you liked the special case that we showed previously, but you are searching for something that can provide you with more protection, then the SEYMAC stock case might be just what you need. Even though this case doesn’t ship with a backlit keyboard, it makes up for that by providing a high level of protection for the tablet. The case is made from premium materials such as thermoplastic polycarbonate and anti-skidding silicone. Not just that, but you will never have to worry about the screen getting any scratches because the case ships with a built-in screen protector.

Despite being a rugged case that looks bulky, the folks at SEYMAC stock have made sure to provide users with easy access to all the buttons, controls and ports. To make things even better, the case is equipped with port plugs that will prevent dust from entreating into the iPad Air. This feature and the rugged design will make the iPad Air perfect for outdoor activities.

Talking about outdoor activities, we want to mention that this rugged case from SEYMAC stock provides secure protection and convenience by shipping with a soft hand strap, portable shoulder strap and rotating stand. You will never drop the iPad Air from your hand again and you can hang it anywhere you want thanks to the portable shoulder strap.
Price: $25.99
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#3 Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen

The best and fastest way to improve your work productivity on an iPad Air is to purchase a Pen Stylus. On the downside of things, Apple considers this gadget an accessory and it sells it separately for quite a hefty price. Not everyone is willing to drop a couple of hundred bucks for a Pen Stylus from Apple and this is why on the third spot on our list, we are going to introduce an alternative option. We are talking about the Stylus Pen manufactured by XIRON which is renowned for being great at graphic design.

Even though this Pen Stylus is not designed by Apple, it still ships with a plethora of useful features such as a palm rejection function. This is a super useful feature that allows users to rest their palms comfortably on the screen while the Pen Stylus is turned on. Although, the most impressive feature that this accessory offers is its high-precision 1.2mm fin tip. The tip works just like a real pen. You will not have to deal with lagging, skips, scratches or even sound!  The small size of the tip makes it possible to draw fluid shapes, narrow strokes and crisp lines.

The battery life of a Pen Stylus is important and the folks at XIRON know this too well. This is why they have equipped the Pen Stylus with Type-C USB rechargeable cable that offers up to 20 hours of continuous use. To top it all off, the Stylus Pen only requires 80-120 minutes of charging time until it reaches a full percentage. In addition, the accessory features a one-piece design that is equipped with matte texture for smoother control.
Price: $39.99
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Final Words

These have been our top three “must-have” accessories for Apple’s latest iPad Air model. The rule of thumb when picking out the accessories has been that they all fit in the premium category and despite that, they still ship at affordable prices. Therefore, you can pick any of the accessories and you will be satisfied with the boost in performance that they can bring to your iPad Air.

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