Apple iPad – These Top Accessories Will Unlock The Tablet’s Full Poteential

Whether you own one of the latest iPads or one that is from the previous generation, one thing is certain. The only way for you to unlock the tablet’s full potential and to use it like a pro is to pair it with the right type of accessories. This is the case for all types of tablets, not just Apple’s iPads. We know that finding the right accessories is never an easy task because there are so many items that you pick from and this is why we have scoured Amazon in search of the best iPad accessories that you can get in 2019. With that said, today we are going to present the most useful iPad accessories available on Amazon and the rule of thumb is that they are all premium products that will enable the true power of Apple’s tablet.

Best iPad Accessories in 2019

#1 Adjustable Tablet Stand

Adjustable Tablet Stand

We are going to kick things off with the adjustable tablet stand created by Lamicall. Most people purchase iPads because they need devices to that can help them get work done such as responding to client emails, content writing and even graphic design. This is where the adjustable tablet stand comes in and makes everything easier.

The accessory is tablet suitable to iPad and tablets between 5 and 13 inches, like iPad Pro 10. 5 inch, iPad Air, iPhone x, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, surface Pro, Samsung tablets, Nintendo Switch.

When the device is larger than 12” (such as iPad Pro 12. 7”), just set it horizontally and it will also work well. Another great thing about the adjustable tablet stand is the fact that it allows the user to raise the height to make it perfect for playing games, watching videos, viewing photos, reading, typing and much more.
Price: $12.99
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#2 Electronics Organizer

Electronics Organizer

Do you travel a lot? Or do you need to carry your tablet to work? If your answer is yes, then the electronics organizer bag from GANAMODA is exactly what you need. This is a durable and waterproof bag that is made from 600D polyester fabric aired with a strong handle. Since this is a bag that we are talking about, the folks at GANAMODA wanted to make sure that it is not a hassle to carry it around and this is why the bag weighs in at only 155 grams!

What makes the electronics organizer for iPad stand out so much is the elegant and stylish design that it offers. The bag is equipped with lots of pockets of various sizes that allows iPad users to fit in all their messy electronic accessories such as a power bank, phone charger, cable, laptop adapter, USB flash drive and more. This is the best accessory for people who like to travel all around the world.
Price: $18.99
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#3 Special Case with Wireless Keyboard

Special Case with Wireless Keyboard

Once again, most people use their iPads to get work done and what better way to improve your productivity other than to pair Apple’s powerful tablet with a wireless keyboard that will set your fingers free? This special case is designed by Alpatronix and it offers a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and tablet stand. To top it all off, the magnetic keyboard can be easily removed in order to make the iPad easier to carry around.

Since we are talking about the wireless keyboard that this special case offers, then we need to mention that it ships with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 120+ hours typing time and 800+ hours of standby time. In addition, the protective case has been specially designed for Apple’s iPads and it has special openings for all ports and buttons to make them easier accessible.
Price: $29.95
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#4 USB C Hub for iPad Pro

USB C Hub for iPad Pro

While Apple’s iPad Pro is equipped with some of the most impressive hardware specs ever made, no one can deny the fact that there is a big downside to this tablet. You will often find yourself struggling to find free ports that are compatible with your other devices and the only option that you have is to purchase an expensive dongle from Apple that supports only a couple of devices at the same time. Well, here is where the USB C Hub for iPad Pro comes in and saves the day.

The hub offers the following features: multi-port USB C hub with HDMI port, USB 3.0 port, SD card reader slot, micro SD card reader slot, 3.5mm audio port, USB Type-C PD port, which is available to mirror and extend screen, to transfer photos, videos and data, to listen and charge sync, and to connect a keyboard or thumb drive.

Connect with a keyboard via the USB 3.0 port to be a computer to increase your typing speed, and insert the thumb drive to transfer data and HD movies in few seconds. The transmission speed of USB 3.0 is up to 5Gbps which is 10X faster than USB 2.0. Both SD and micro SD card readers support up to 256GB. Sharing photos and videos you shot with your families and friends or checking the record of driving recorder on the device directly by inserting the memory card.

Price: $59.99
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