Apple Pay Cash Not Working in iOS 11.2 on iPhone? Solutions to Fix This Issue

Apple Pay Cash is a boon for those who want to transfer money quickly to their friends or colleagues easily. Once users set up Apple Pay Cash on their iOS devices, they can send and receive money via iMessage and do many things from Messages app. With so much significance of this feature, it would be a setback for any user to know that Apple Pay Cash is not working. Recently, there are many complaints reported on different forums about Apple Pay Cash not working in iOS 11.2 on iPhone and iPad.

We have listed here some solutions to fix the Apple Pay Cash issue. But before you perform those solutions on your device, you should know some basics of Apple Pay Cash. This feature is only available in the USA; so if you are not the citizen of this country, you cannot use Apple Pay Cash. Remember the sender and receiver must be from USA. Apple Pay is supported by most banks in the USA; however, you should check whether your bank is included in the list of banks and debit or credit cards that support Apple Pay.

After checking above details, you can now check the solutions listed below.

How to Fix Apple Pay Cash Not Working on iPhone

How to Fix Apple Pay Cash Not Working in iOS 11.2 on iPhone and iPad

Restart and Force Restart your iPhone

A simple restart is your first option, and if that doesn’t work, you can go for force restart of your iPhone. We have created dedicated articles to restart and force restart different iPhones.

Reset All Settings

If the above solution fails to deliver positive result, you can go for ‘Reset All Settings’ on your iPhone.

Launch Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

You may be prompted to enter your phone passcode; simply enter your six-digit passcode and then confirm your action.

Remove Lock or Restriction from Apple Pay Cash Account

It happens. Apple Pay Cash account locked and restricted are two different situations, and in both situations, your Apple Pay Cash won’t work. To solve this issue, you can remove lock or restriction from Apple Pay Cash account on iPhone.

Apple Pay Not Showing in iMessage

The integration of Apple Pay Cash into Messages app has made life easier for users. But if a bug stops Apple Pay from showing up in iMessage, you need to follow some quick steps to fix the issue.

Is your Apple Pay Cash account closed?

In case you have done this mistake and your Apple Pay Cash account is closed. Just run a check and if it is closed, simply set it up again.

Verify your Apple Pay Cash Identity

Once you have set up your Apple Pay Cash, why should you verify your identity? Well, it is an important step to protect your account. Hence, you should verify your Apple Pay Cash identity if the account is not working.

That’s it!

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