Apple Watch – How Customize the Control Center in watchOS 7

watchOS 7 recently arrived and it introduced a plethora of useful features that are taking the performances to the next level. However, some of the most important changes watchOS 7 introduced are to the user interface. The Control Center is now equipped with a bundle of new functionalities that make it much easier for Apple Watch fans to access their favorite modes, check the battery level, and many more others.

Today we are going to present a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to customize the Control Center on watchOS 7. Not just that, but we are also going to give you a quick rundown of the new icons that Apple has added to the Control Center. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

New Icons in the Control Center

Apple has introduced a bunch of new icons that can be added to the Control Center for quick access. Here is a rundown of what to expect:

  • Ping your iPhone – it tells the paired iPhone to make a loud ringing noise;
  • Cellular – this feature enables/disables the mobile data connection;
  • Battery Percentage – use this feature to see the exact battery level of your Apple Watch;
  • Wi-Fi – this feature enables/disables the Wi-Fi network;
  • Lock – your Apple Watch is automatically locked so that it only works with your passcode;
  • Walkie Talkie – this feature enables/disables the walkie talkie feature;
  • Do Not Disturb – the DnD mode that stops all notifications is enabled/disabled;
  • Silent Mode – similar to the DnD mode, the Silent option is going to keep the Apple Watch quiet;
  • Sleep Tracking – Activates sleep tracking;
  • Airplane Mode – this feature enables/disables the airplane mode;
  • AirPlay – it gives users the option to select their desired audio output;
  • Flashlight – this feature enables/disables the flashlight on the Apple Watch.

How to Customize the Control Center in watchOS 7

Follow the steps below to customize the Control Center:

  • Access Control Center and select the Edit option;
  • Now, you can start dragging the icons to rearrange them;
  • After designing a layout that you like, simply tap on the Done

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