Is your Apple Watch Not Charging: Solutions to Fix the Problem

Apple Watch has a battery life of 18 hours; but this duration is for the ideal situations. And there is nothing like ideal situations in our practical life. Users literally abuse their devices by downloading many apps and making the most of their smartphones and smart watches.

This obviously creates some battery issues in your Apple Watch. Of late, many users have registered a complaint on forums; unanimously, they raise a concern: Apple Watch not charging. In addition to this, users also grumble about battery drain issue on connected iPhone.

We have listed a few solutions if your Apple Watch battery is not charging.

How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Not Charging Issue

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging Issue

Since Apple Watch 1, Series 2 or Series 3 is your constant companion (even while you are sleeping, it is around your wrist), battery issues need to address quickly. Perhaps, this is the reason people have inundated Apple Support Communities with queries galore.

Step #1: Restarting your Apple Watch is the easiest option for any issue. To do this, turn off your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Long press and hold the side button; a Power Off slider will appear on your watch screen along with Power Reserve and Lock Device option.

Step #3: Swipe from left to right and your watch will be powered off.

Step #4: Now you need to restart your watch; long press and hold the Digital Crown and side button on your Apple Watch.

Step #5: A few seconds later, you will see Apple logo on the watch screen. Now release the two buttons. (Check this tutorial just in case your Apple Watch is stuck on Apple Logo)

Your Apple Watch is restarted and the problem should be solved after this action. If the problem continues to harass you, you need to reset Apple Watch by using the connected iPhone. Before you go ahead, take your Apple Watch backup.

Step #1: Take your iPhone in your hands and launch Apple Watch app from the screen.

Step #2: Tap My Watch option and then go to General.

Step #3: Tap the Reset option seen at the bottom left corner.

Step #4: Tap the Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings option. This action will disconnect your watch from your iPhone.

Step #5: Pair your Apple Watch again with your iPhone. And now the issue should be resolved.

Apart from the above two software fixes, you should also check hardware issues, if any, in your Apple Watch.

  • Ensure that you have plugged Apple’s magnetic charging cable properly into USB power adapter; similarly, also check that you have plugged the adapter into a power outlet.
  • Are you using Apple watch magnetic charging cable and USB power adapter that came with the package?
  • Take out any plastic wrap from both sides of the charger.
  • Clean the back of Apple Watch and the magnetic charger before you put the watch on charge.
  • Check the alignment of the charger’s magnets; also see the green lightning bolt on the watch face.
  • If the issue is not addressed, you should use a different magnetic charging cable and USB power adapter.

If everything fails, contact Apple Support as your last resort.

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