How to Fix Apple Watch Not Counting Steps and Tracking Activities Issues

Apple Watch’s primary function is to sync iPhones, and the second one is to track fitness activities of users. Touted as the best fitness tracker on the market, Apple Watch has shown high level of accuracy in tracking your fitness activities like running, walking, swimming etc. But what if your smart watch stops measuring all these activities? Recently, this has happened to a lot of watch users, who have seen Apple Watch not counting steps and tracking activities.

When your Apple Watch stops tracking activities, you need to calibrate your Apple Watch instead of running amok. After walking for three and half miles, it is your morning doom and gloom to see that your Apple Watch didn’t count steps.

You wanted to curse this smart watch, which you have bought at an expensive price. But instead of abusing your Apple Watch, you need to understand how Apple Watch tracks your physical activity. You may not have understood the jargon used by Apple Watch.

Stand Ring

If you think that notification from this Stand Ring tells you to stand, you are mistaken. Many users have found this Stand Ring puzzled. As a matter of fact, Stand Ring notifications inform you that you haven’t shaken your legs for some time. So get up and get some brisk walk for one minute and check the Stand Ring to see any change.

Exercise Ring

As the name suggests, this ring measures your physical exercise you do every day. This intelligent watch keeps a vigilant eye on your daily workout, and based on that, it sends notifications. For your normal workout, you don’t get kudos from this ring; to make her happy, you have to put more efforts than you do every morning or evening.

Move Ring

Your calories are counted by this Move Ring. This ring measures your Active and Resting calories; when you are sleeping or doing nothing, you are at least breathing. And this is your resting calorie. Active calories you burn while you are working out in a gym or outdoors. Note that Apple Watch doesn’t consider or track your resting calories; hence, you should not accuse your smart watch of malfunctioning. Following in the footsteps of Exercise ring, this Move ring keeps tracking your habits and becomes intelligent after some time.

If you still wish to declare Apple Watch a culprit, and have failed to understand how Apple Watch tracks physical activity, you should try some solutions mentioned below.

Step #1: First off, get out of your home/office and stand at a place where you get sound GPS treatment.

Step #2: Make sure that location services turned on, on the paired iPhone:

Settings  Privacy → Location Services.

Step #3: Motion Calibration & Distance should be ON, on your iPhone.

  • Launch Settings  Privacy.
  • Now tap on Location Services.
  • Next, tap on System Services.
  • Finally, toggle Motion Calibration & Distance ON.

Hope the above method will solve the issue of Apple Watch not counting steps and tracking workout activities accurately. There are many users, who follow another method to fix the issue; they just update their Apple Watch and iPhone to the latest software. Once you update your devices, you need to unpair Apple Watch and then pair the Apple Watch as new.

It is a tiring journey to start something afresh, but this is the only reliable solution to get rid of the current problem.

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