Apple introduced its second generation smartwatch except two noticeable changes: one is water-resistance and the other is GPS chip. Now with the new Apple Watch Series 2 (this is what they called in the announcement), you can take a plunge into a swimming pool. Otherwise the device is very similar to the first generation of Apple Watch.

The built-in GPS lets the device perform mapping on its own; this means, phone is not required. Experts believe that Apple has introduced this feature to reduce the load of battery, which was a long-standing issue in the smartwatch. This also means that the new watch won’t or cannot receive app notifications, make calls or send texts when you are out for a run.

Apple has installed a better processor called S2 and the display. The new watch boasts dual-core processor and it is 50% faster than the first watch launched by Apple. For its improved graphics performance, credit goes to the new GPU. Also enjoy 50% brighter display on your Apple Watch. With watchOS 3, users will love to use apps and general manoeuvring through the watch’s interface.

Apple Watch Series 2 Features, Specifications and Price

For the lower- and mid-range versions, Apple Watch Series 2 keeps the same casing. Aluminium case will be available at the cheapest price; next comes the stainless steel cases. A new entrant, however, is a white-colored ceramic model for high-end consumers who are ready to shell out thousands of bucks on smartwatches.

The ceramic version is now dubbed as the Apple Watch Edition, which may imply the luxurious solid gold watch wasn’t the attraction they hoped it could be. The company says, “The ceramic is more than four times harder than stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about getting it scratched up like the more delicate gold version.”

The new ceramic Apple Watch Edition 38mm version will be priced at $1,249, and $1,299 for the 42mm; this is a huge price cut from the old Edition which was priced at staggering $17,000. Apple has kept mum on the gold Apple Watch Edition.

How can Apple break its enduring relationship with Nike? During the announcement, Apple introduced Nike+ version of Apple Watch. It appears like a blend of Apple product with Nike’s discontinued FuelBand fitness tracker. This product is specially designed for fitness freaks.

Price for Apple Watch Series 2 aluminium sport version starts at $369; Nike+ edition will be available at the same price. Apple has reduced the price of its original Apple Watch (which is now dubbed as Series 1) and will start at $269; interesting stuff is that the Series 1 watch will have upgraded S2 dual-core processor. Watch lovers can place their pre-orders from September 9th; but for watchOS 3, they have to wait till September 13th. After a week of the release of watchOS 3, Apple will start shipping of sport and stainless steel versions. For Apple Watch Nike+, users will have to wait till late October.

Apple has to work upon the processor, design and price factors of Apple Watch as it lags behind more basic fitness trackers like Fitbit. If category is considered, Apple Watch has been the best-selling device. Buoyed by this sale, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “that the product line became the No.2 watch line by revenue just 18 months after launch, behind only Rolex products.”

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