Apple Watch Series 5 – The Best Watch in 2022?

It’s been almost one year since Apple Watch Series 5 arrived and it is one of the company’s bestselling products. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since this is the first Apple Watch to feature an always-on display that is paired with other powerful specs and lots of useful features. With that said, today we are going to check out the key selling points for Apple Watch Series 5 to determine if it is the best smartwatch to buy in 2022.

The Price

Apple’s devices are renowned for the premium user experience and performances that they offer, but that’s not the only thing that they are known for. iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches are infamous for being overpriced. On the bright side of things, Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t fall in the overpriced category having a price tag that starts at $399 for the smaller 40-mm model and it goes up to $429 for the bigger 44-mm model that uses LTE. The wearable device is certainly not cheap, but you are getting access to premium features by paying a premium.

Always-On Display

As previously mentioned, the feature that makes Apple Watch Series 5 stand out the most from all the other models is the always-on display. While the always-on display might not seem like such a groundbreaking feature, it’s actually really nice to have because it allows you to see the screen at all times.

When the device is inactive, the display will show a dimmer version of the watch face. Another important thing that we want to mention about this feature is that it makes it possible for you to check the watch face information without having to raise your wrist.

The Compass

One of the most useful features that Apple introduced when it launched the next-gen smartwatch is a built-in compass. The feature has been cleared by the FDA and it makes sure that you will never get lost again.

What’s great about the built-in compass is the fact that it pairs with the built-in magnetometer to allow third-party apps such as Pokemon Go to use your real-time and the direction that you are facing to make AR (augmented reality) games feel more immersive.

Sleek Design

If there is one thing that Apple does better than all other tech companies, then it has to be the fact that it always comes up with sleek designs. The Apple Watch Series 5 is not an exception to that rule shipping with rounded corners and a new titanium finish for the case.

However, the titanium finish is the most expensive version of the device being priced at $1,299. Therefore, you are probably going to choose the classic aluminum version that is both lightweight and durable.

Final Words

After taking a quick look at the key selling points for Apple Watch Series 5, we think it’s safe to say that it is still the best smartwatch to purchase in 2022. The only other wearable device that might “beat it” is the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6. However, the latter has yet to be announced so Apple Watch Series 5 remains the best option.

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