Apple watchOS 4 Features: New Watchfaces & Fitness Tracking to Mesmerize Users

Among the many announcements made by Apple during its developer WWDC 2017, users must not forget watchOS 4 features. Though iOS 11 stole the limelight, importance of watchOS should not be degraded as Apple is going to roll out new watchfaces and fitness tracking features. Fitness is an important feature and the reason why people by Apple Watch. This means Apple is surely going to add more in its smartwatch. Take a look how Apple has revamped its watchOS 4 features.

Another crucial aspect of Apple Watch is watchfaces. This is the area where Apple can popularize its smartwatch among young users.

Apple watchOS 4 Features


Watchfaces will include complications that will update based on time and location. The new watchOS 4 has also introduced Siri-based watchface. Siri watchface uses artificial intelligence and decides what information is most useful for a user. This information includes flight boarding passes, time of sunset, or smart home control. Moreover, Apple develops kaleidoscope watchface and new cartoon character faces to join the party of Mickey and Minnie Mouse; these fresh faces are Woody, Jesse, and Buzz from Toy Story.


Fitness is Apple Watch’s forte. In the latest watchOS 4, Apple offers updates to the watch’s fitness tracking, which incorporates a new user interface for its workout app. In addition, there are new integrations with gym equipment manufacturers. Users can now track their workout with more accuracy as this integration gives information like incline and intensity to the watch. Users can use NFC to link their devices with the gym equipment.


Your Apple Watch will import Apple Music playlists and support multiple playlists. Users would love to use a completely redesigned dock to scroll through recent apps in a vertical interface.

Apple News on Your Watch

All the latest happenings of the world are on your wrist. Yes, Apple Watch will now present you Apple News; you can easily glance through all the important news items – no need to read them on your iPhone or iPad. Busy professionals would welcome this new feature with open arms.

Activity App

Get your daily dose of encouragement to close the Activity Ring on your Apple Watch. By this way, you can easily achieve your goals in a day. For example, you haven’t completed your goal to walk 4 miles a day, your Activity app will remind you of the remaining distance toward the end of the day.

All in all, watchOS 4 features from Apple have covered the specific areas to improve user experience. If you are a developer, you can access a preview version of watchOS 4; for other users, the watchOS 4 will be available this fall.

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