Audio Swipe: A Better Way to Manage Music On Android Phone While Driving

You are on a long drive. The roads are inviting. You are accompanied by your loved ones. You have got everything needed during the trip. But you are not playing music. Now this kills the excitement of driving long distances. Just because you can’t connect your smartphone with the music dashboard of your car, you should not be deprived of such a great experience. If not for pleasant journey, music can also keep you awake while you are driving during night. So there has to be some music in the car.

What Audio Swipe is made for? Just download this wonderful app from Google Play Store and follow a few simple steps. You can easily manage music while you are at the wheel. The app doesn’t distract your attention; it just grabs your ears.

So here’s how to use this app on your Android phone and make your trip memorable.

Audio Swipe A Better Way to Manage Music On Android Phone While You Are Driving

How to Manage Music Easily on Android Phone While Driving?

Step #1: First off, download Audio Swipe on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. This app will not burn a hole in your pocket; and you don’t need to root your Android phone.

Download Audio Swipe on your Android

Step #2: Once you install the app, you need to grant some access to the phone if you have Android Marshmallow or later version on your phone. Post this, carefully watch the tutorial given by the app; it is all about several gestures you can use to manage music.

Grant some access to the phone

Step #3: From here, you will have to select one option from the two: either you can use this app as a standalone music player or you can sync it with a current music app in your device.

Step #4: You need to tap on Music icon at the top right corner of Audio Swipe, if you want to integrate this app with your personal music player.

Tap on Music icon

Step #5: Now tap on “Control Media Player”.

Tap on Control Media Player

Step #6: Next, choose Google Play Music app from the list of various apps. Note that you can choose more than one app here.

Select the Google Play Music app

Step #7: Time is to open Google Play Music app; you will notice that the gestures you have seen in Audio Swipe are also available in Google Play Music.

Open Google Play Music app

Now what? Enjoy your favourite music or songs on your Android smartphone. Are you using any such app now? If yes, you can share the app and your experience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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