15 Easy Ways To Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Problem

How to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Problem

Android devices may offer some competition to iPhone in the case of processors and RAM, but for the camera sensor, Apple always had the upper hand. The iPhone camera is considered one of the best smartphone cameras, and there’s hardly any dispute on that. Still, this camera can at times be subject to some glitch … Read more

How To Make Degree Symbol On iPhone, iPad And Mac

When you are typing on your iPhone or Mac, sometimes you may need to type the degree sign. What exactly do you do at that time? Well, let me guess, you simply type ‘degree’, correct? Well, that’s what most users do when they don’t know how to write the symbol on their iPhone,iPad or Mac. … Read more

How To Send Large Video Files From iPhone – 5 Tricks!

Shooting videos on your iPhone is a great experience. iPhones are pretty much celebrated by users for the unparalleled camera quality, even if they don’t like to have one in their pocket. Now, while you may eulogize the video shooting quality at 4K resolution, it’s going to be a headache later when you have to … Read more

How To Remove iPhone Calendar Spam – Easy Tricks

How To Remove Calendar Spam on Your iPhone

So, you just noticed a notification popped up on your iPhone, and it’s a calendar event that is reminding you of some viruses found on your device. Well, that’s a shocker! “When did I set this event?” – it’s the first question that comes to your mind, obviously. Nope, you didn’t set it up; it’s … Read more

iPhone Making Random Calls – 7 Genius Fix

Fixing iPhone Making Random Calls

“Hey, did you call a while ago?” – your pal calls you up and asks you. You don’t have the slightest idea what he is talking about. You didn’t even call him for at least the last 7 days! Getting confused, keeping him on hold, you check the call list, and here you go! You … Read more

iPhone Not Notifying Me of Texts? – 20 Ways to Fix! 

Why iPhone Not Notifying Texts

Ever since iOS users have upgraded from iOS 12, so many users are storming the internet with the question, “why my iPhone not notifying me of texts???”  Well, it feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing that you are not the only one who is facing the same problem?  Although it’s an annoying problem and seriously hampers … Read more

How To Fix Apple Airdrop When It Stops Working?

How To Fix Apple Airdrop When It Stops Working

AirDrop is, by far, one of the coolest and fastest file-sharing systems that truly represent the versatility of the Apple ecosystem. However, as we know that glitches in the matrix are real, AirDrop sometimes acts weirdly, too. The most common problem is AirDrop stuck on waiting.  This happens when you are sending a file from … Read more