A Startup or a Corporation : What is your career choice?

Startup VS Corporation Infographic

As a young and fresh executive, you are always in a dilemma what road to take – a startup or corporate. Both have some merits and demerits. But it is a question of your career; any wrong move and your career will go downhill. In this situation, a candidate has to act smart. We have … Read more

Netflix Secret Codes : Search Your Favorite Content Quickly

A couple of days back, Netflix forayed into Indian market to entertain people of India. While there may be plethora of links that supply tricks and tips on how you can use Netflix, we bring some secret Netflix hidden codes to access your favourite content. Netflix Codes is a wonderful web app that simplifies your search … Read more

The State of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Social media have emerged as one of the most chosen branding tools for all brands – whether it is B2C or B2B corporates. Morrison Forester has presented an insightful infographic for all social media enthusiasts and professionals. As per the infographics, we have come to know some interesting facts about which brand is spending how … Read more

Google Search Algorithm Updates of 2015 [Infographic]

Change is the only constant of the world – whether it’s physical or virtual. Since we are creatures dwelling in the virtual world, let’s talk about Google, which is a poster child of digital arena. Google has constantly been changing its attitude towards webmasters. As a matter of fact, Google dons the hat of tough … Read more

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker: Your Everyday Locker for Small Valuables

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej Goldilocks is your personal digital locker you can use to store small valuables like your Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Money and others. Unlike a bank locker, which is immovable and stores your precious things, this portable mini Godrej Goldilocks locker is meant for your personal belongings. Godrej is a leading brand that deals in crafting … Read more

SoundShare: Connect with your Friends Musically

Soundshare App Review

After three months of free trial, many users have switched to paid version of Apple Music. Apple Music has set very high benchmarks, and therefore, we can’t help ourselves compare this SoundShare with one of the best music apps. What is unique about SoundShare is not streaming music, but your social network that has music … Read more

Tips on How to Use iPhone/iPad Mail App Like a Pro

Tips on how to use Mail app in iOS 9 on iPhone

Mail app on your iPhone or iPad can do wonders. There are multiple usages of a Mail app; you can control Preview, Swipe Options, Flag Style and more. More and more people are using iPhone to manage their emails, and hence, some tricks are important to know to better use mail app on your iPhone. … Read more

How to Check Apps infected by XcodeGhost Malware

How to Check Apps Infected by XcodeGhost Malware

Apple has undoubtedly created a security wall that can’t be breached easily. As a matter of fact, high-tech security has been one of the selling points for Apple to endorse its products. This was the reason users were least worried about malwares and virus. But recently, a microblogging service from China has discovered a new malware … Read more